Tuesday, November 18, 2014


It all started with Julie in the elevator.

I was still on the plane, Jane was in the taxi line, and Julie was on her way up to our room after successfully navigating the check in system at our fancy shmancy Vegas hotel.

We'd been texting like crazy to coach the adorably nervous Julie as she approached the reservations desk. I was despondent when I had to turn my phone off for the 50 minute flight, and I couldn't wait to land so I could get it turned back on. When I did, a million messages came through in all kinds of crazy order. I tried to make sense of them while new alerts kept coming, and then I saw this:

My first thought was "YAY, she's on her way to the room!"
My second thought was "what the hell is she doing with her right hand?"

I didn't give it too much thought at the time, because I had places to go, baby! While I got myself off the plane and into a cab to get to my girls, they were having an adventure of their own in yet another elevator:

So by the time I arrived on the 30th floor

I had to wait almost 5 whole minutes for my sisters to arrive! It was lonely, and the room was complicated. But I persevered.

I"m glad I made it because mere moments later, this:

Julie's wearing my whole hat, which makes me confused about which of these faces is actually mine.
Everywhere we went, hilarity and the camera followed

seriously, what's with the hand?
We tried to act normal, but it just wasn't always in our repertoire. It's hard when your grown body is taken over by a 12 year old inner child.

When Julie and I found ourselves in front of one of those photo backdrop thingies, we were bereft not to have Jane there, but when a photo op presents itself


We had a great weekend. We ate two completely fabulous meals, and celebrated two festive birthdays for my lovely Leo sisters

Happy Birthday, Julie!
We had cosmos at the cosmo. Look at my Jane:


We played the gambles

Happy Birthday Jane! or should I say joyeux anniversaire?
It's just such a good thing to be with one's sisters.

nibbling faces under the Eiffel Tower

dancing like rockettes in tune with the Bellagio fountain's production of ONE
And always, always, always
the elevator

Vegas, littles.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

But, wait, what about Julie's hand?

Those two last photos are to completely die for. Look atchyaselves!



Beth said...

Ah, thank god you finally posted some Vegas photos! I have been waiting. Perhaps less than patiently:) You three are the cutest -- such glamour with simultaneous silliness.


mom said...

Warms my heart to see my littles having a love fest, and you all look gorgeous!
love, mom