Monday, January 23, 2017

Thank You, Women

Thank you, Rachel and Michelle.

Thank you, Dawnie.

Thank you, Elissa.

Thank you, Colleenie. And thanks to your City of Angels. 750,000 strong.

Thank you, Concord NH.

Thank you, Denver.

Thank you, Jacquie. And Autumn and Mary and Janet.

 Thank you, Clara. And Olivia and Kendal. The next generation of awesomeness.

Thank you, Desiree. Thank you, San Diego.

Thank you, Julie and Avery.

Thank you, Karen and family. And Oakland.

 Thank you, Krissa. And all you incredible, amazing New Londoners.

 Thank you, Mary Ellen.

Thank you, Maritza.

Thank you, Christa. 

Thank you, Martha.

 Thank you, Sara and Ada.

 Thank you, Mary. And Hartford.

 Thank *you*, Mary.

Oh, thank you, Michelle.

 Thank you, Nancy.

Thank you, Jenn. And Stamford.

 Thank you, Lansing MI.

 Thank you, Lisa and Ali.

 Thank you, Noelle . . .

 . . . and Catherine and Claire.

Thank you, Olympia WA.

Thank you, kid.

Thank you, Jill and Dave. And Syracuse.

Thank you, Pammie.

 Thank you, Rachel.

 Thank you, Renee.

Thank you, Rosa.

 Thank you, Boston.

 Thank you, Helena MT.

 Thank you, Sarah and Lucas. And New York.

 Thank you, Rosemary and company.

 Thank you, Sandy.

 Thank you, Tammy and Emma.

Thank you, Angela.

Thank you, Jane. And Portsmouth NH.

Thank you, you gloriously clever Sign Makers:

Thank you, Martha and Eileen.

 Thank you, Brandi.

 Thank you, Victoria BC.

Thank you, Jennifer and Dominique.

Thank you, Celine.

Thank you, Ben. Thank you, Hartford.

Thank you, Chelle.

Thank you, White Guy.

Thank you, Asheville.

Thank you, Joseph. Thank you, Copenhagen.

Thank you, Meghan and Ginny.  And Boston.

Thank you, Sarah. Our local!

Thank you, Liz. Thank you, New York.

Thank you, Austin.

Thank you, Washington.

Thank you for your passion, your enthusiasm, your fierce determination, your hours and hours of travel, your power, your intelligence and strength, and for every one of these photos I lifted. Thank you.

Thank you.


Unknown said...

Beautiful stuff. So proud of what we collectively accomplished. There will be good from all this. I wish I'd shared Joe's photo of him Marching in Copenhagen!

mom said...

awesome Ellie, no words;
love, mom

Jacquie said...

What a day! Great collection of photos! Wish I'd shown you some that illustrated my experience, my sign, my posse, especially my daughter.

Lovely, and you're welcome


Me, You, or Ellie said...


Thanks for sending your Joe's photo from Copenhagen, Julie. Copenhagen!

And thanks so much for sending the photos of you and your posse and that girl of yours, Jacaquie.

Thank you.

Have I mentioned? Thank you.


from Central PA to DC said...

Thank you for your thanks and your awesome montage...there really was so much to take in and so many great words that were put on signs with care and hats made and given away with love. The world came together to say that love will always trump hate...and leave it to women to get it done in a peaceful manner! "This is what democracy looks like" and "we want a leader, not a creepy tweeter" were some of my favorite chants. Until next time...

Beth said...

Lol, I'd not heard that last one, Dot. Funny stuff. I bet being in DC was pretty amazing.

And yes, thanks you to ALL who marched, made signs, made hats, etc. What an amazing success. Herstory being made.


Elizabeth Fente said...

Ellie!!!!!!! So fabulous, as usual. A very special day indeed. I must get to New London soon so I can give you a giant hug and kiss! You magically capture in words and photos SOOOO much love. Thank you. Shout out and hugs to all Corey sisters and nieces. Wonderful to read about you in these posts. Big hug to you too and to Ellen!! You and Joe sure raised some amazing women. Much love to all. xoxox Liz

Ellie said...

Love the chants -- Angela led us in some the next evening . . .

So great to hear from you, Liz, and you, Dorothea. So much love . . .