Friday, January 20, 2017


I recently emptied out this space


Among the infinite random rubbish in that hellhole, I found some wonderful treasures. In one rubbermaid bin, I found a zip lock bag containing the very long braid that I chopped off in the late 90s. And I found these:

Dead shows!

I also found a bunch of letters that I'd saved, remember letters? My older sisters wrote me letters from college! This one was from MB when she was in Worcester:

This was our love song to each other. She once wrote it on the edge of my closet door. I wrote it on her contact solution. 

I found evidence of my once pious past:

And proof of a covert operation in my very own home:

There were altars:
She was. We do. 

And there were photo albums, oh the photo albums! Most of them I just flipped casually through before regaling them to a box to be scrutinized at a later date, but when I came across the one from The Trip*, I sat right down in the driveway and had myself a little remembery. It would be impossible to do justice by any form of summary and I really can't (or can I?) share every single page of that album, but this one. This One. I remember this day so well, we were visiting Jane at UVA so were on the final leg of our journey. We were tan because we'd just spent time in warm southern states, and we put on some hats and then weirdly embodied the attitude that each hat was determined to represent:

what good are words here? 
I was acting French. Obviously.

I found treasures that were really so sweet, but not quite sweet enough to save

Now immortalized for all eternity

And then I found a box that had been mailed from Ellie with Mumsie's house (I think) as the return address. It was well taped, as a proper Corey parcel must be, and contained yards and yards of bubble wrap around these:

Aren't they pretty? We think they were Uffie's everyday collection.

I kept those, although I vowed that I wasn't keeping any teacups** because I had 800 and who ever uses teacups? I cursed those teacups, literally.

At the end of the day, I did my best to separate trash from treasure, and then these guys came over to haul away the former.

Finally, as I said on facebook a couple of days later:

Aaaaaaaand that's a wrap.

*the 3 month cross country trip that Ellie and I took in 1988

** I kept the fucking teacups


Jane Corey Holt said...

OMG love so much, Jacq. I, too, remember that visit and day so well. Love you!

JULIE said...

that's some good stuff right there.


Beth said...

Oh thank god you kept the tea cups.

And, um, is that a penis on your righteous Jesus folder?

It must have been a trip going through all of that trash and treasure. Hard work for sure - Emotional and physical. Here's to getting 'er done, Jacquie!

I look forward to celebrating with you soon. Perhaps Uffie's tea cups could come into play.


Me, You, or Ellie said...


Man, that trip. Man, those memories. I can't quite believe *that* was the day we were acting so French -- the day we visited Jane in Charlottesville . . . I mean, who has that kind of time? To act so French?

We were all very young. Have you noticed? And you look like your daughter. Have you noticed?

There are so many *things*. So very many things.

Lyrics on contact juice?
Uffie Wear?
Morgan Porgie Kennedy?
Dead ticket stubs and penis books?

Well done, you. I can't even fathom all that you had to do.

Love you Big. Like, Gigantically.