Monday, January 16, 2017

The Start? Off to A Flying.

We're going to do a good old-fashioned Phone Movement,* my peeps. Are you ready?

*Much more genteel than Phone Dump, don't you think?

We had some snow early in the year . . .

The birds!
But we hunkered down.

We had some booze . . .

Oh, we had a lotta booze . . .

And, well, yes, of course we had snacks.

Mistah loves my photography because I make him look like a gigantic alien from another planet who towers over all the Things.

. . . except for the angel.

Why empty glasses? Why?

Oh, fear not. These presents are *still* under our tree. Still. Under our Tree. Yes. You heard both parts of that correctly.

The best bookmark in all the land.

Oh and how I miss that book.


One munchkin.

Gorgeous and Smart. And that Skin. Oh, and me.

What else have we got?

An old family home . . .

. . . a tag sale one million years ago . . .

... a newly-anointed five-year-old fairie frolicking through the woods ...

. . . trying to recover from The Flood.

And . . . am I missing something?

Oh wait! Right! Yes!

This kid:

 Oh wait, here she is now:

. . . and this other one:

And now they are these two kids:

The world's most unique engagement photo.

Congrats, my lovelies. Like, seriously deeply gigantically homagah congrats. Whoooopeee!

And now can you please save 2017 for us?


Beth said...

WHAT?!?!?! Engaged? That is some big, big news. Some super exciting news. Congrats!!!

Were there other photos?


Jacquie said...

Love all of this! It's all just so big and exciting! 2017 promises to be an interesting year for sure.