Friday, September 22, 2017


I have a very random assortment of images from Kaaboo, and what I hate about them is that in most cases I can't really tell who or what is the subject. What I love about them is that I mostly kept my phone tucked away in my back due to spotty cell service, so I really only made an effort to whip it out when I was really feeling whatever moment I was in. So this is a little peek at what was making me happy at Kaaboo. For your pleasure:

okay so this one is less about a happy moment and more about remembering where we parked

loved capturing a blank canvas - the art was amazing

what nirvana is this? 

no words. 

I skipped Saturday for this

this was where I wanted to snap a repeat photo of Beth and Aq, but they preferred a starnger's vision. sigh. 

Randy is fun


I had to post an instagram photo a hashtag to get one of these, so I did. 

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Me, You, or Ellie said...

It's all so interesting and fun and lovely. I can't really figure out *where* it all takes place -- the first few photos make it look like a college quad or something.

I love the mixture of high brow (Mercedes) and low (Eff my liver). And the art and the dancing and the music and the lights which look like pieces of a Ferris Wheel.

And I think it is a *very* happy moment to know where you parked!

Looks fabulous, Jacqueline. What does everyone say to eachother? Kaboo You? Happy Kaboo? Kaboo, dooood? Because I think they should.