Friday, September 1, 2017

keeping it weird

Today is my last full day at the beach, and the first day of a New Chapter. Let's get to it, shall we?

Things have looked quite different during my morning sojourns this week

I have a million photos of blurry foggy beach scenes, but I seriously can NOT with blogger right now

I added a little pink bike action into the rotation on selected mornings

It was useful to have wheels while straddling the abyss

Mostly things have been about the same, though. I love being part of the mix down here in OB, just keeping it weird

This morning when I made my way down to the surf, it was a little later than usual and I was surprised to find a hot blue sky 

9:00 am

It was truly beautiful out there, everything all sparkly and glassy and the peeps out there getting their morning beach on

9:02 am

9:05 am

Just keeping it weird.

Now this Corey girl needs to get moving on to the next part.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

*Sniff*. My darling Corey Girl. I adore you. Cheers to the next part. And a Happy Return to the Yellow House.

But I've loved visiting OB with you this month, and those photos are seriously awesome. I love the abyss but I also dearly love that fog rolling in so quickly. You'll miss the Sounds and Smell of the Sea. Because of, you know, how they Cleanses your Soul.

But! Onward! Yellow House! Kiddies! Doggies! Corey Girl!

9/1/17 indeed.

Love you, Schnook.

Beth said...

Onward, indeed. But such a solid, satisfying August beach interlude though, right? You very, very smart, girl. And sandy. But less so as of tonight!