Friday, September 29, 2017

baby drivers

Last weekend I had the great fortune to be invited aboard my lovely friends' party barge for a floating Sunday brunch. It was a gorgeous day and such a treat to be out on the water, even for the 2plus bottles hours we loitered at the dock before pushing off.

We were wise to wait, because although my lovely friends and I had each other to talk and laugh and drink with, we had but one offspring between us, which is a far, far cry from our usual haul. When Beth and her lowly singleton showed up to join the fun, it was a perfect storm of kindred friends for all of us. 

Plus, we had designated drivers.

It was one of those brunches that ends at 8pm, after jumping into a fancy hotel jacuzzi. You know the type. 

My God, look at the gorgeous faces surrounding my shadowy troll mug

I tried to drag them down to my level and ugly them up 

It didn't work. I did well though, don't you think?

Cheer up, Eric. 
I really love these people, and their beauty runs deep. As does the beauty of our backdrop.


Beth said...

So much fun! Designated drivers are the best! As is champagne with a rose floater, lol. Gorgeous, fun party barge! Thanks to Des & Eric!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Now wait just one cotton-pickin' minute. That's Little Ms. C? And Little Ms. C? They are entirely grown-up gorgeous *women*, for the love of pete's sake. Wouldja?

The beauty does indeed run deeply deep. No wonder your bruncheon lasted until 8 -- you must have spent all day trying to defect the hordes who were descending upon you to look upon your collective loveliness.

You all should be an ad for San Diego, man. "San Diego: Beautiful and Fun, Fun and Beautiful". Right?

Love immensely.

mom c said...

try as you may to look ugly, you're all beautiful! love it....

Bree at Clarity Defined said...

I recognize those (not nearly as wee) girlies!