Friday, February 2, 2018

breaking good

I've been taking lunch breaks lately, a thing that I rarely do because I'd always prefer to justify a shortened workday by skipping lunch.

January is really slow at work, though, and a little boring. The weather has been crazy beautiful and I work in a gorgeous place and I just can't always keep myself indoors, man.

I've started bringing along my running shoes and on most days I find time to rock the look that Melanie Griffith inspired when she was a Working Girl.

If only they were high tops

I don't have a specific route, but I make sure to hit a few staircases and hills and, of course, the breathtaking vistas

This is the spot where I always pause, and try as I might I can't resist the urge to take a photo

It's the same spot, but it looks really different from day to day

then I make my way across the turf field back to my office

I'm still particularly partial to a different view while out walking

But this one's not too shabby

1 comment:

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Man, that Southern California of yours. It is rather breathtakingly beautiful. Yeesh.

It's good to get out and walk the Earth, isn't it? My routes around here encompass neither the Pacific Ocean nor the canyons, and there are almost no palm trees anywhere. Okay, there are exactly *zero* palm trees anywhere. I miss palm trees.

And I miss you. You missed your monthly visit in January.

Walk on, sistah.