Monday, February 19, 2018

Winter? Or Spring?

Saturday afternoon was beautiful.

It was warm -- well, warmish -- the clouds were gorgeous, the sun was shining, and we did what any self-respecting citizens would do at a time like that.

We hit the deck.

That selfsame deck later that night?


We got home late that night after celebrating The Year of the Dog and when I went up to bed I yelled downstairs, "Mistah, get up here!"

. . . because this is how it looked out the window. I mean, it was nighttime, but Mistah is nothing if not fancy with that camera, so he made nighttime look like daytime. It was miraculous out there.

And then Sunday?

It really was daytime and gorgeously sunny and fully warm . . . .

. . . so we re-hit the deck. Where everything melted around us. [drip]

If a Winter weekend delivers one Wintery night sandwiched between two Springlike days? I can handle it.

. . . and March 20 is right around the corner.


Gail Watrous said...

Beautiful shots! LOVE your blogs!

mom said...

I love the East Coast on your blog, and the West Coast on Jacquie's blog.....what a difference in this country of ours...Love the post you....