Friday, February 16, 2018

bright and dark

A couple of days ago I was having a moment, so I did what I do when I have a moment. 

Ocean Therapy

It was a blustery day and the beach was pretty deserted other than surfers and weirdos. The sky was magnificent

It was low tide, so I walked down to the tidepools to see what I could see

lots of little critters in those crevices and pools
This one was sweet... can you see it?

It was Valentine's Day, after all
It rained a little bit as I started to make my way north to my car. I hung out under the pier for a couple of seconds but it didn't amount to anything

That sky, though

It started going crazy. It was seriously indecisive. 

These were all taken within about 3 minutes

I couldn't resist turning back to keep looking at that southern sky, it was wild and dark and stormy. But eventually, I turned toward the sun and headed back to my life.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

That sky. Those clouds. That horizon. That pier. That *town*. Man, what a good place to go when you're having a moment. I'm sorry that you had a moment. But I'm so happy you have a place to go when you're *having* a moment.

And that is a kick-ass title.

I love you, schnook.

Ellie B&D

mom said...

Can't wait to see that sky and that beach and that pier in a few short weeks....I miss San Diego and I miss you and your boy and girl....
love you....