Monday, February 5, 2018

Super Snack Bowl

Wait, where was I?

Oh yes.

Yesterday, as you know, was the great national holiday, the Super Snack Bowl, across this Great Land of ours.

I had every intention of photographing our vast array of snacks, as they came out of the kitchen, but I was too busy eating every potato chip in the bowl to do so.

And I never even took a photo of my award-winning* chili.

(*It's never won an award.)


Oh look! There are some empty chili bowls. And a Mistah.

So we will have to use this moment, instead, to recognize the official halfway-point of winter . . .

. . . and to push off into the great unknown ahead, bravely forging the future together.

Or something like that.

1 comment:

Jacquie said...

I really love snacks. I enjoyed so many delicious snacks on Supersnack Sunday, including two taco parties! Livin the dream, man. Half way is better than 25%, right?

Stay warm, sister