Friday, August 21, 2009

into the drink

Subject: OH MY GOD…………

Mom, 7:53pm EST:

So dad and I drove to the marina at 2:30 and met up with M & C for a boat ride. We had a leisurely ride, Dad and C. on the bridge and M. and I on the aft deck yakking. We anchored around 4 and had a lovely cocktail hour and hors on a lovely afternoon. After an hour or so we started back, all 4 of us up on the bridge, (key). As we entered the harbor we heard a deafening bang, and looked back and the aft deck had exploded and was on fire!!! There were a few boats around, I’m yelling “Mayday!”, and they all started toward us. Dad was calling 911, but the peeps around us were screaming: "get off the boat! get off the boat!", so we all jumped in the water.....can you believe this? One boat came close and threw a life safer which I grabbed and a guy jumped in and helped M. and C., who’s 84, and threw a life vest to dad. It was a really hot day, so we weren't cold at all, just scared. A police boat zoomed up and C. and I got on that - dad and M. had gotten on the passerby boat. It was a scene - black smoke and major fire on the poor 28 foot Bertram - fire boats, police boats, lookers-on, it was a scene. We were wrapped in blankets, as I said it was warm, so we were just wet. The fire boats poured water on the boat, but she's a goner, dad said she's now a canoe. Dad had his wallet and keys in his pockets and his sandals and glasses on and lost none of them. My purse was below, darn it, so I lost so many things - license, credit cards, cell phone, some cash, glasses, sunglasses, calendar (sob)., but hey none of us were hurt. They brought us back to Cove where an ambulance was awaiting us - we assured them we were all fine, didn't need to be checked, so we said our good-byes to M. and C. and came home. What an adventure - the scariest thing in my life - I thought that boat was going to blow up - thank God it didn't . And that was our lovely day. whew. love mom and dad

Ann, 8:03 pm EST:

holy mother of mercy, I cannot believe what i just read. Glad y'all are fine. What craziness. Kind of a drag about your purse though, and having to deal with the credit cards, but holy shit glad you guys are okay

Jane, 8:31pm EST:

oh my gosh, mom, i'm SO glad you're ok

Ellie, 8:31pm EST:

Oh. My. God. MOM! I cannot BELIEVE this! I don't know what to address first. Your calendar? I would die. I would. Dad and M. getting on the boat? Leaving you and C. in the drink? The explosion? You all jumping in the water??!!

May I reiterate? Oh. My. God.

Because you all didn't DIE this is a great story (except for your stuff). But Holy Haysus!

Um. Did you get photos? Because we're always in the market for a guest blogger.......

Jane, 8:35pm EST:

oh my god, mom. I just read this to Doug and feel so emotional and freaked out. The stuff you lost is a hassle but so replaceable. It could have been so so so so so bad tonight. Thank God you're ok.

Ellie, 8:30pm EST:

I keep rereading it too. I just yelled up to Bill, again, "can you believe they all jumped in the water??"

This is one crazy-ass story. I love all the boaters knowing your goose COULD have been cooked.

I am SO glad it wasn't. I mean, obviously.

All I can do is be happy and grateful. Because your goose is still raw.

Jacquie, 11:23pm EST:

MOM! WHat the holy hell?!?! HOly fucking shit! Are you sure you’re okay? Whose piece of shit boat was it?

MB, 7:00am EST:

I'm sitting here gaping. I cannot believe what I just read. Oh. My. God. I'm SO relieved you two are OK. And I'm SO sad you lost your purse, Mom. Better it was down below than that any of you were sitting on the aft deck. Jeekers cats.

Ellie, 8:33am EST:

I woke up thinking about you guys, Mom. Do you feel like you’re in shock? Did you dream about jumping off boats? I think I did.

I am SO GLAD you are all okay. What a tale to tell!

Mom, 7:44am EST:

Morning all, Thank God we're fine. We were both a little shaken, exhausted, last night but a good night's sleep cures all. El, they didn't leave C. and me in the water - the police boat pulled up as they were helping dad onto the rescue boat and we were next in line, so got on the fancy boat with red and blue lights shining. And cute cops, who were great.. C. was very emotional about losing his boat - he loved it and had lots of memories on it. It was old but not exactly a piece of shit Jacquie, lol. I called KG from the dock - we could see their house - they had been watching with binoculars and were shocked to hear it was us. They invited us over but we had to get home...She called this morning and said channel 12 and the paper both had a small article about "3 people rescued" - what the?? I didn't dream about it but can still hear the explosion and me turning around like in slo mo to see flames below us. You're so right Jane; it could have been such an awful disaster, thank you God. Okay I have to go to a meeting at w o r k at 10, but that's all I have planned today. Have lovely days my loves. I love you mom

Jane, 7:47am, EST:

Yikes, mom, it's just unreal. I'm so glad you're ok - if you guys had been below....... thank God.

MB, 10:17am, EST:

I know. I cannot believe it. Thank God all four of you were on the bridge. I keep re-reading in disbelief. You have a good story for your colleagues at your 10:00 meeting, Mom!

Mark via MB,10:51am, EST:

Wow, what a crazy day.....they are so lucky. I know what a Bertram 28 is...good classic boat. I wonder if they are going to raise the boat? Too bad they don't know a diver who could retrieve the purse...unless it blew up! I guess that is why they make diesel engines....diesel fuel is less flammable...

Mom, 10:54am, EST:

I'm at work; the meeting lasted a little longer, so I'm straightening up a bit here while dad is at home making a zillion phone calls to replace my losses. Even my hair brush is gone, lol. KG called home as did C. The boat was pulled to the dock and JG went over to see it as did M. and C. There is nothing left of it but a shell. My fabric purse probably went up in flames in the first minute... Dramatic stuff, I have to go to the DMV, ugh. But hey, I’m alive and well..... love you mom

MB 12:30pm EST:

Unbelievable, Mom. I still can't get over the visual image of you & Dad & M & C jumping in the Sound.

Jacquie, 5:29pm EST

Hi loves, I can't stop thinking about you peeps hopping into the drink. What a terrifying line between being an awesome story and a total catastrophe! It's impossible to think about what could have been, where we'd all be today.

God, that was a close one! You crazy kids are giving me grey hairs.

When's Julie coming home? She's going to shit herself.

MB, 5:35pm EST

I KNOW, Jacq. There's Mom yelling "Mayday," and Dad calling 911, and everyone telling them to get off the boat, and into The Drink they jumped. Un-f*cking-believable.

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Mom said...

Wow,Ellie, I feel famous! Thank God it turned out okay. The local newspaper and cable tv keep referring to 4 elderly people being rescued - harumph! love mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Mom! It's Jacquie's blog! Did that jump into the drink addle you??

Big C. *is* elderly, most certainly. But you and Dad and M? Pffffft. You're Spring Gooses!

Great post, Jacquie. Love to reread all the "holy shit!"s. And I do love a happy ending...


Mom said...

Oops Jacquie, for some reason I assumed it was Ellie's blog - blame it on being elderly.... love you mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Aw, no worries, mamasan.

And you are *not* elderly! Those bastids at Channel 12 added a decade on to your and Dad's and M.'s ages! Har-UMPH!


Kathy Rogers said...

"Because your goose is still raw."


Scary photos!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Wow! What a story is right, and those are some scary photos!

What drama! You make the rest of our lives look mundane.


Eileen D'Andrea said...

Holy crap!! I've been hearing stories for two days from all of the people at Ascension who watched the fire, and it's been front page news in the Hour. So imagine my surprise when I saw this today, I yelled oh my god, it was Dr. and Mrs. Corey on that boat...(and elderly, WHAT?) I can't believe it. So, so glad everyone is safe and sound!!!

Eileen (Mulkerin)

Melissaand3boys said...

All I can say is OMG. So glad that your folks are okay. I did chuckle when I saw them described as "elderly" and then saw your mom's comment! Very scary! Will they ever be able to figure out a cause?

Lola said...

Holy crap, Mom and Dad! Thank goodness you are all okay. And remember, when the boat is on fire, SWIM!!

Springer Kneeblood said...

I'm sitting in stunned almost silence. HOly shit is it! I'm glad all made it out OK. Boats can be replaced...or upgraded.

Tami said..., so glad you're all fine.

With great skepticism, I read the two accounts in The Hour: the first referenced three people and the second, "elderly" people but it's the Hour and we expect so little.