Wednesday, August 26, 2009

wednesday mish mash plus summer in a bucket

Ah, Wednesday. Half way to another blessed summer weekend. I usually reserve my bullshit peculiar posts for Friday and call it hodge podge. Something about making it through the week entitles me to string together a bunch of random photos and anecdotes that are individually unworthy of their own post. I had one of those all set to go last Friday, but then the incident led to a stream of communication via e-mail that I simply could not resist sharing with you peeps.
I could do better for you today, I know this. But I just got home from the "nighttime zoo" with my daughter, and in retrospect I can't imagine why any person in her right mind would bring a wee 'fraidy sissy girl to hike through desolate jungle pathways filled with the piped-in sounds of lustful, murderous screech monkeys in the dark. My point here is that I'm tired and I'm grouchy, and my backspace key is broken (do. not. ask.) and you can't possibly imagine how many typing errors I am making. And I can't make these paragraphs un-centered. And so you get my unused last Friday hodgepodge plus even more hodgepodge from the weekend itself, all wrapped up into a pretty little package we'll call Wednesday Mish Mash. You're welcome.
First of all, it turns out that this rinkydink rock wall in the Poconos

was good practice for this

I sure hope the person on the other end of that rope knows what she's doing

ruh roh


This past weekend, I went out for drinks with mah botches

and Uncle John and Aunt Charlotte came down for a visit, and they took us to the racetrack!

You can tell that this horse is winning by the way it spits in the face of whichever other horse I had bet upon.

Those horses are all miserable bastards.

But later, there was this:

I'll give you a fabulous prize if you can name that tune


in conclusion, please do this:

so you can make Summer in a Bucket

It's really too good to be true. Am I dreaming?


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh yum. That looks grand. Roasted corn and red onion, avocado, kidney beans, mayhaps roasted red pepper? And scallions or parsley or basil? That is one fine looking summer in a bucket. I love summer. And, as you know, I love buckets.

It's so nice to see John and Charlotte! They were ever so absent from your Sacramento photos. And that is one hell of a couch-dance they've got going on. What it choreographed?


Middle Aged Woman said...

YMCA! What's my fabulous prize?

Me, You, or Ellie said...

MAW - I should have made it obvious that I would never have offered a price if it was an easy guess ;)

Ellie - yes on the corn, avocado, and red onion. Those are black beans (poor photography), and diced tomatoes, and boatloads of cilantro. The best part, you can't even see. Diced jalapeno soaked in fresh lime juice with cumin, then whisked with olive oil for the dressing. Drooling.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Gambling AND rock n roll in this mish mash! I say rock n roll cause I KNOW your boy is singing All Along The Watchtower. Right?