Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend 3-Way: Madness

Ah, March Madness. The best sports event of the year.

Okay, maybe not for my San Diego co-bloggers, who do not love the Madness, especially this year, I'm guessing, after their Aztecs of SDSU went down in the first round.

And actually, I'm a UConn fan, and our poor Connecticut Huskies just sucked the life out of themselves this year. Whatever that means.

But regardless, it's such a pure and true tournament. 64 teams to 32 to 16 to 8 to . . . you get the idea. You lose? You're out. You win? You're in. Say no more.

No wait! Do say more! Tell us what you think. And if you hate march madness, my glorious and beautific co-bloggers, as much as I think you do, then just tell us a tale of madness in general.

I love it. It *is* my favorite sports time of the year. Well, I really love the World Series too, but that's so distantly in the future -- baseball season hasn't even started yet -- so this is it, for me.

I love that the boys play the hoops so hard and they're all just throwing it out there and there are moments of athletic genius, but mostly? I love the upsets. I was rooting so hard for Robert Bobby Bob Morris against Villanova the other day. To no avail. But then St. Mary's won. Which even got my Aunt Kitty to post a facebook update. They'd not won a game in the tournament since 1959. And they're in Moraga, CA, and it's the most bucolic, unassuming, beautiful college campus you ever did see. I rode by it doing the Moraga - Lafayette - Orinda triangle on my glorious friend Patti's bike a couple of years ago. St. Mary's? Really? Go Gaels.

Oh, and one more. The Racers from Murray State. I do not know what The Racers are, and I refuse to look it up. I just know this: How can you not root for a team called the Racers?



Wait....... What?


Oh Jacquie, you know I have no earthly. To me it's all dribble, dribble, drivel.

I am betting, however, that Pat and Central PA will leave nice long comments this weekend.


Pat W said...

Of course, I am big into March Madness. My two teams are Syracuse (hey it's my local team in the summer) and Maryland (I worked there for 4 years). But you have to love Cornell--little Ivy League no scholarship school--pulled an upset in the first round yesterday.
All three of my teams play tomorrow...Go Organgemen,Terps, Big Red!
Pat the Fan

still have 3 of my final 4 in PA said...

Sorry so late..I was denied lots of Madness coverage while I escorted 6 13 yr old girl scouts to NYC to see Wicked on Broadway...see what that cookie $$ can get you.
on to the MADNESS, which is an understatement this here Monday.
Not only did those smart boys at Cornell win on day one...they are in the Sweet 16..crazy!
My bracket is very messed up but I don't care because my favorite part of this madness is the unknown schools with unknown players having a once in a lifetime experience at the BIG DANCE and sometimes they home having kissed the cutest girl there...and this weekend was probably the craziest since I started watching some 30 years ago.
Sorry about MD Pat, but you still have Cornell and Syracuse...and if you get in a car now, you can be at that game on Thursday. It won't take much arm twisting for me to meet you there. (and will discuss how Beth came to not care..huh?!)