Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A suit and a half

It's finally summer here in San Diego, at least I think it is. July was brutal, the coldest July since 1933 in fact. I mean it wasn't really cold, but it wasn't warm either, and it's summer. We very rarely even glimpsed the sun through the coastal gloom last month. It made me want to move to Central PA, or New London CT, or somewhere hot and humid warmer. Okay, maybe not. But almost.

This July was so cold and un-summery that I neglected to go hit the after-4th-of-July swim suit sale until the very last day of the month. Which is cutting it close, because you know what happens on August 1, suddenly it's all backpacks and falling leaves in every store you enter.

I've written about the trials and travails of bathing suit shopping before. It's not most women's favorite activity. It, without fail, makes you regret last night's tacos and beers, and question once again why it is that men, with their muscly legs and typical lack of thigh fat, wear board shorts, while we women bare it all. But, on the up side, it does make for a better tan.

But I digress. I needed a new suit. Badly. I missed my annual day of suit shopping last summer because I was 8 months pregnant and stuck in the hospital for the entire month of July.

I tried on at least 15 suits. I ended up with 3 that would work, but only 1 that I had to have. Well, not entirely true. I really loved 1.5.

Have I mentioned that I'm indecisive? Well I am. I think. Yes, I am. Mostly.

Here was my dilemma. I loved the way the suit below fit and felt. Good quality, covered all the areas it needed to cover, and comfortable. I also knew that suit configuration #1, below, was the smart choice. It was functional. I've got 3 kids, it's not like I just lay peacefully on the chaise lounge while basking in the sun. No. I run around, scooping up babies before their heads go under, they eat too much sand, or bang another baby in the head with a pool toy. Sturdy straps are indeed called for.

But I was stuck on suit configuration #2

Isn't it adorable? Look at that top: brighter, less straps, great tan lines, and that fetching buckle.

I really liked the buckle. Sigh.

What to do? I wished my husband was there. He'd tell me which was the better choice. So I rationalized that I'd buy both, take them home, get his opinion, then return the loser.

I rushed to the cashier, asked about the return policy and mentioned my dilemma. Her eyes lit up as she explained that in addition to the 20%-off sale price, I could get an additional 15% off by using my Macy's card. "Oh, I don't have one," I replied. "Really? Well if you open one up today, you'll also get another %15 off the total price."
I don't need another credit card. Who does? But what was I to do? I could still return the extra half of the suit. But let's take a look at the numbers.

Yes, it was amazing, but true. If I'd bought the cheaper, more functional top and the bottom at their original price: $41 + $57, plus the 8.75% sales tax, it would have cost me $106.57. Exactly 10 cents less than what I'd paid for all 3 pieces.

My husband actually prefers the triangle top. But I'm in love with the impractical bandeau buckle top, and for 10 cents? Well, I'm worth it.


Pat said...

Can't wait to see it on just a few days!!
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

That is one cute suit! I also love the buckle, and I frequently wear a top like that because although generally unflattering on me, it's so awesome for the tan lines.

Are you going east or is your mom coming west? let's get together soon :)


(ps: my word verification was "handle", but apparently I could not do so and messed it up.. my new one is shant. I shant handle the truth)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

But are you wearing shants today? That is the question. Probably not, beacuse they're too long for the beach :-)

We're all going east, we leave this weekend, and are back the following Friday. We should defintely get together after!


92 degrees in Central PA said...

ok..I'm a bit of a kill-joy.
I love the sale rationale, as I use it every day, BUT..

1) how is it that you've nursed the same number of babies that I have and somehow your breasts can support a bandeau top (with or without a buckle)?
2)$106 something was the sale price for 3 pieces?
3)8.75% sales tax..holy shit.

You might want to go back to your original thought and move to hot, humid Central PA where a sale means $10-$15 each piece (before the added 15% off) and no sales tax.

I'll even let you visit and sleep in the cooler basement :) Bring the baby!!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

2 reasons:

1) I no longer have much of anything to support
2) that original $82 price tag was for the genious built-in support that it offers.

Sadly, I just can't pull off the $30 suits anymore.

But remember, I didn't buy any suit last year, so I can split it in half and I only spent $53 dollars. Right?


stands corrected in PA said...

well, now that you reminded me that these suits are for a 2 year span..this is an incredible deal!

I think the toned body probably helps with the top :)

Have fun with Nonnie!!

martyjoco said...

Now the real trick is to avoid racking up any debt on the previously unneeded Macy's card!

Ahh, Aurora...

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Well, you are totally worth 10¢, Beth, and I really love how much sparking dialogue suit-shopping inspires. And that *is* a fetching buckle...

Give Pat a big kiss from us.