Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It is summer around here, all of a sudden. Not that insipid, dry, cute little kind of summer, but that moist, deep, hot, sultry kind of summer.

Just the way I like it.

Last weekend was all about sultry. It began, as many sultry weekends do, with a beer on a deck.

And then another beer on another deck. It was a double-decker kind of day.

And just like it had the night before, the moon rose in its full, fat glory.

It was even closer to full, though. Really close to full . . .

. . . and got even more beautiful as the sky darkened.

Oh, what fun Mistah has with the moon.

We're reached the point around here where it's just as warm at night as it is during the day.

Beth, you never have to put a layer on in the evening any more.

Oh, it's sultry around here.

Then on Saturday night we threw together an impromptu deck party with our neighbors, which somehow included steak and salmon and scallops.

Oh how I love steak and salmon and scallops. And spinach and salad and mushrooms. Neighbors? Oh we've got good neighbors.

Good neighbors with whom we shared a decidedly kick-ass meal.

We had a few more drop-ins later on Saturday night -- at one point the male-to-female ratio was 8:1. I was the 1.

Just the way I like it.

Of course I did have to take a nap on the ghetto couch on our front porch later that night. That's what front porch ghetto couches are for, afterall.

And the next day? Sunday? Hazy Hot and Humid.

Just the way I like it.

Mistah spent some time photographing Ledgie's much-ignored lighthouse brother New London Light.

But mostly we spent all day at Ocean Beach, watching the haze and the boats and Ledgie disappearing and reappearing and fully immersing ourselves in the Sultriness of Summer.


Just the way I like it.


Anonymous said...

Ah man, I love Tennesee Williams summer days. We don't get too many of them here in Eastern Ontario which is one reason I'm really looking forward to moving back to southern Ontario next year. I miss those days, so hot and sultry that you feel like you're being embraced by a languid lover whenever you step outdoors. Enjoy

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, where to begin?? That last shot? Perfection! The ghetto couch? Evern more perfect! And to have it as warm in the night as in the day? The very best.

I wish it would hurry up and get sultry around here...

Thanks for sharing the highpoints of the weekend. You guys know how to do sultry!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I must admit, I prefer the "insipid, dry, cute little kind of summer." I'm already trying to hyper-hydrate myself so that my body will be at least 90% water when I arrive there next month. I do not enjoy the bloated, steamy stick of those sultry days. I do, however, very much fancy the guy with the jaunty neckerchief in that first shot. I'd like to join him for a giant lemonade with plenty of ice. And vodka.

Can I sleep on the ghetto couch?



Springer Kneeblood said...

Oh, you poor misled lambs! When the nighttime temperatures and humidity in Dallas are both in the 90s, just like in the daytime, I long for those five Chicago winters I grew to love. You're wonderful people, but you are deranged, yes you are.