Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday moaning

So this is the first of my Monday moaning posts. There will be others to follow.

I find Monday posts the most difficult to do. You’d think this would not be the case, coming after the weekend, as they do, but somehow the weekends slip away so fast, and bam, it’s Monday morning.

And not a damn thing prepared.

But, as you know, I’m pretty good at whining. I’m definitely the whiniest of the three of us here at M&Y&E. And to my dismay, even when I’m trying to make light of certain situations via a post, the comments often let me know that my attempts at humor have failed, as I’m receiving heartfelt advice, not laughs.

So, I’ve decided that since I am such an accomplished whiner, I can showcase my talent on Mondays.

Today’s subject: front-loading washers and dryers. Why do people buy these??

There are claims that front-loading washing machines clean better, are more energy efficient, and use less water than conventional top-loading machines (or so I just read on some washing machine review webpage). But is this true? And really how much better are they?

Better enough to trump their complete inconvenience (and higher price tag)?

If you’re taller than 2 foot 6, loading a front-loading washer is not comfortable, or preferable. You’re bending way down to shove your dirty laundry in. But worse is when you go to switch your now-clean laundry from the washer to the dryer. Just try to do it without half of it ending up on the dirty floor. (What? You say you laundry room floor is not dirty? Well find something better to do with your time, seriously.)

Unless you gingerly extract each and every piece of wet heavy clothing individually before placing them in one by one in the dryer, you’ll find scads of your clean rags on said floor.

And honestly, whose jeans are not corkscrewed around each other, socks weaved between, with bra straps braided in for good measure?

At least with a top loader, you lift the spaghetti mess up and out, so items that do manage to break free from the textile wreath land on the washer, not on the floor.

What we need are efficient top loading washers and dryers. What were they thinking?


Pat W said...

I'm with you, Beth. I feel guilty with my top loader but sure do like it.

under appreciated in PA said...

Thanks've made me feel better about the lack of funds to buy a fancy scmancy front loader :)

Mar Waters must have missed the part about clothes landing on the floor b/c I can guarantee that putting my kids in charge would mean ALL the clothes would end up on the floor.

Can't wait to hear what next Monday Moan will you have any qualms about your kid's school calender?? We're attempting to tweak ours here and my email box has been overrun with complaining parents. Would love to hear your thoughts ;)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Why did Mar's comment get deleted? Offensive tighty whitey references? lol

I like front loaders, I dream of one day having a washer and drier INSIDE my house with a big, clean white countertop for folding and sorting. My problem would be all the knee bending it would require to get down that low. As it is now, I usually stick a basket in front of the drier to catch all the stuff I drop when I do laundry.. but my husband is mostly in charge of that chore around here!


martyjoco said...

The Home Depot & Lowe's ads always show those machines in a lovely red color, and even though I know it's inside-out coloring, that makes me think of HAL in 2001... "what do you think you're doing, Dave?" I don't think I could have one plotting against me in my basement whilst I sleep... nightmares!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, what I would give today for a W&D. Front loading, top loading, side loading... *any* loading would do.

Our Westy is getting flat tires from the weight of *every* bath towel, beach towel, dish towel and rag that were hung out to dry, and then got soaked in a drenching, thunder-and-lightening storm rain. I guarantee they'll still be wet when we get to Connecticut.

But hey, it's better than shoveling.