Friday, April 8, 2011

friday hodgepodge, exhausted addition

Let me please preface this post by admitting that: 1) I am lame, and 2) I am lazy and 3) I kinda suck.

You see, my camera is out there in the Westy. It's raining. I want to get it. I need to get it. But, sadly, I am not going to.

It's almost midnight on Thursday night, and I'm trying to get this cranked out because tomorrow is going to be another twelve hour day, just like today was. What's that you ask? Hmmmm? Yes, perhaps you should call the whaaaambulance.  Because my life is so haaard, I  haven't had the chance to write about the rest of my amazing trip to Iiiiiiitaly, and now I'll be behind on my other amazing trip to San Eliiiiiiijo. Oh woe, woe is me. What's next? Another amazing trip?!

Ah well. Back to the hodgepodge at hand. Let's talk about public speaking.

I used to fancy myself as quite skilled at public speaking, but I had to give a presentation today and I was positively shaking in my gorgeous Italian boots! I was fine once I got going and found my mojo, but Lord the butterflies in the hour beforehand were making me want to purge. I think it was because I was less prepared than I would have been if, say, I hadn't spend the previous 4 days drinking at the beach from dawn til dusk. Whatevs. It's over, and it went fine. But geez, that shit can be scary. Last night I dreamed that my powerpoint malfunctioned and the only person who came to my presentation was my boss.

Speaking of dreams, do you have that one where you're driving and your car is going super fast in the opposite direction, so you have to slam the brakes but it doesn't really stop, just sort of sends you careening into a spin so that maybe you can go in the right direction, still at breakneck speed? I hate that one. Also the one where my teeth turn to putty and I have to spit them out or I'll choke. Um.. if you're a psychoanalyst or cosmic dream interpreter, please reconsider the urge to comment and tell me how fucked up I am. I'm aware.

Can I stop yet? No? One more? K. Here are all my current tv shows, please see above request to keep your alarming diagnoses to yourself, and yes I am aware that my pure-as-the-driven-snow co-bloggers have better things to do than watch all this tv. I clearly do not :

Sunday - Amazing Race
Monday - House,  Nurse Jackie
Tuesday - Glee (when in season), Parenthood
Wednesday -  Survivor, Top Chef  (all stars is over, but masters have begun)
Thursday (aka smut night)- Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice

I keep trying to watch idol, but it's a total yawn fest this year and I simply do not have the hours to commit. Don't you see how busy I am? What do you watch? Yes, you. 

Goodnight, I apologize for this whole post. Let's just pretend it never happened.


Pickles and Dimes said...

That teeth-turning-into-putty dream sounds horrifying.

We watch the Amazing Race too. I want the Globetrotters to win because I like how upbeat they are with each other.

We Tivo a lot of shows, and right now I like Perfect Couples and Mad Love.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Jacqueline, you're a laugh-riot. I love exhausted "addition" and "whaaaambulance" and how you prepared for your scary public speaking gig.

Last night I dreamed I was looking at Facebook but I had thousands of new status updates and couldn't see them all in the haze of my vistion and one person said, "ELLIE! COME VISIT US!" and I was trying to stroll down to see who it was, but never found out. So, sorry I won't be visiting, whoever you are.

And I always have terrible teeth dreams and wake up entirely relieved and overjoyed to have all my choppers, intact.

Now get some rest, wouldja? Because I'm ready to go back to Rome.


Elizabeth said...

Well at least your teeth nightmares are just that -- bad dreams :-) But I have to admit, I've never had either of those dreams, or Ellie's for that matter. I have a terrifying dream of a tsunami.

But on to happier subjects, I love that you did not fetch your camera in the rain. Even if it was only in the driveway. Good for you. It will always be there in the morning. And your post rocks.

I have no shows of late, but do love House when I catch one, I'm currently trying to view season 4 of Mad Men, but often fall asleep to early to do so :-) I commend your current list; that takes real dedication.


has strong teeth in her PA dreams said...

Amazing Race
Desperate Housewives
Modern Family
30 Rock
The Middle
and thank goodness the shows are on Hulu 'cause this economy is making school board meetings LONG and more often, which leaves me very little time for evening television.

great post...glad I don't share your dreams :)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I can't believe I forgot Modern Family! I really was tired. And Ellie, thanks for pointing out my boneheaded mental grammar in the comments so that I had no choice but to leave it. Shall we pretend it was an intentional, clever pun? K.

love you people.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I totally thought it was! So yes! Do let's pretend you *are* that clever.