Friday, October 12, 2012

My new roomate

I have a new roommate. She's really short. And loud. And demanding. And she passes out early.

But I really like her. She's affectionate and does all sorts of funny things.

Take for example two Wednesday nights in OB this month, a night of the week when the town is hopping with all manner of folks going to the busy farmer's market or to various spots for drinks and dinner before or after.

The first Wednesday in question we met up with Jacquie and her family, as well as MB, The Dowd, and Jennie from New London! I know, it was crazy, half of us were from the East Coast. And in fact, 2 of the 6 adults, so that's one third people, had on Dutch Tavern garb, and neither one was Jennie, who actually lives there! (What can we say? We really love their bartenders.)

But back to my endless story.

My new roommate really had herself a time at the Blue Parrot where we all dined and drank. She ran around with the older girls, sat on laps of the various adults at the bar-height adult table, and developed a serious crush on our waitress, Samantha.
When Jacquie and my new roommate came back from the ladies room, she was sporting this headware. I mean, c'mon, she's pretty much rocking the samurai look, don't you think?

She's also not shy. Her crush, 'Mantha, could not go buy without my roommate grabbing her legs for a big squeeze, or raising her hands to be picked up. Luckily 'Mantha was a good sport.

But that's not all. My roommate also tried to ride a friendly(?) Great Dane sitting at another table, and lived to tell the tail (sorry, I could not help it).

The following week as we were walking to the farmer's market we passed a young man who was completely inked up. I mean, you could not see any flesh on his face. Well, yes, you could see flesh, but it was no longer flesh colored. It was primarily green. His entire face was tattooed. He looked like some kind of green monster.

My roommate's older sisters were staring in feared awe, as I tried to not stare myself. My roommate? Well she was a step or two ahead of the rest of us, and as she got near, she looked up, and said, "Hi, what's your name?" and waited for his reply.

He laughed, and told her, and we all had a giggle and went on our merry way. She is obviously also not the judgemental type, or easily frightened.

Sure, my roommate has her flaws, but overall, she's pretty cool.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

She's a total rock star dreamboat nutbar. When she met MB she said: "I like you, let's party!"

So happy I get to hang with her every day now :)


MB said...

Love that girl -- she was a hoot at the Blue Parrot. She's adorable, as is her mom, and her sisters! xo

Pat said...

She is a I biased?

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Ach. *Love* your girl. Desperately chagrined I've not met her.

Love love love. And good luck with the snoring.


Mom C said...

She is adorable Beth - hope to see her in a few weeks. Mom C