Wednesday, June 15, 2011

westy west

Last weekend we had ourselves a d-a-y at the ballpark.

Never mind that the Padres happen to suck big fat hairy dookie balls whenever we show up.

The baseball is really quite beside the point.We love the tailgate and we love the Westy and we love the sunshine and we love Petco Park and we really love the giveaways.

This day's swag was the sporty wristbands that my girl is modeling on her ankles. What? Have you met my girl?
Anyway. This day at the ballpark was special, my friends. Not just because our tickets were way up in the sky next to the sucker military seats FREE, but because we had a special celebrity guest making an appearance!

Our little friend Jennie came to play! Still glowing with pride after her legendary geezer rescuing tractor pull, here was Jennie over on the left coast! Yay!

Jennie is adorable and Jennie is game. When you ask Jennie to stand with the grouchy soldiers, who in their defense were probably mad because their free seats were even worse than ours, she hops right over and gives you a grin as wide as the day is long.

And if you ask Jennie whether or not she'd like to fondle Jerry Coleman, she says: "You know, I think I would."

And then she does

Who wouldn't? Have a little snack, Jerry.
We had so much fun, despite the dismal game and our lousy seats.
not our seats
And after the game, back in tailgate park, Jennie got delivered right to our Westy and we made away with her, straight to the West until we ran out of land and into a bevvy of beautiful babes.

OB! yay!
And soon we had a whole Westy full of girls and hair and feet and sand.

Sometimes they ran down to the beach to not get wet

Jennie and Beth felt like they'd known each other for years. You've gotta love that ol' blog magic. 
I was the hostess with the mostess, as usual, providing for my guests without judgment or scorn.

"Would you like a MARGARITA??!!!?? YAAAAAAY!"

"Yeah, I've got water. You suck. Whatever."
It was so fun to spend time with Jennie, she's the sweetest little fawn you ever did see.

Our photo love-fest kept getting interrupted by the shouts of rescue personnel yelling: "GIRLS!" Turns out they weren't calling to us for attention and/or assistance, but reminding our littles to get the hell out of their way.

We couldn't beat them

So we joined them*.
*Jennie got the most awesome photo of our group cartwheel, captured by my grumpy boy, our designated photographer who was so sour that not even sweet Jennie could get a smile out of him. Oh, but Jennie didn't have a camera cord so we can't see her awesome photo, YET.

In addition to being designated photographer, my grumpy boy was the designated claw machine champion, thrilling the girls left and right.
And just as the evening reached the point where it couldn't possibly get any better and we'd be wise to wrap it up before the kids turned surly, we ran into the most interesting man in the world!

I can really only think of one thing that would have made this time together any better:

Safe travels home, Jennie! See you next month!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, my heart is about to burst with love and happiness and pride and joy. And love. Look at all my peeps! Together in OB!

I love this. I love it! I love the cartwheels -- Beth looks awesome out there; can't wait to see Jennie's camer's group shop -- and I love the Westy and I love the drinkie-poos and I love your gracious hostessness, Jacquie. And I love all those girls, and I just love my sweet game girl Jennie out there with you all. What delirious fun.


The Most Interesting Woman In The World

Me, You, or Ellie said...

HA HA HA HA, that last shot is perfection, Jacquie. Too funny! I love it. I mean, Ellie is pretty damn interesting!!

It was so nice to finally meet sweet game Jennie. And I have to say that she did work very hard to try to turn your boy's frown upside down. But hey, he is almost smiling in the claw machine champion photo. He was truly impressive! (Even if my littlest was completely unappreciative.)

You are truly the hostess with the mostess. I was shocked by the bounty of your cooler! You rock. As does your Westy. So glad we've finally been properly introduced!


MB said...

Love the San Diego fun! Great pix. Jacq & Beth, your children are growing at ridiculous rates! xoxo

Pat said...

Boy...does this ever make me want a Westy!
What do you think, Beth, maybe I should sell my condo and but a Westy to live in?. I could live in your driveway and then go to Jackie's when you needed a Nonnie-break.

Mistah said...

Love it all. Wish I was there!
Way to go, Jennie!!

Dawnie said...

Awwww. At least my envy can be overcome by the sweetness of it all. What a perfect mix of photos but my fave is of Jennie with our heroes in uniform!

Jacquie, are those really the same little ones I met last summer? It can't be!

Looking forward to your visit next month.