Wednesday, December 5, 2012

School Bells Ring

The photo Jacquie posted yesterday from The Best Photo Shoot Ever, to celebrate our dear departed pooch Yobo's birthday, got a lot of love from various and sundry Blasts From The Collective Corey Past . . .

. . . this photo, from the Best Photo Shoot Ever . . .

And it got me thinking about those years in our young six-sistered lives, which made me remember we weren't the only ones who thought our six-sistered club was unique and remarkable and really quite cool.

The local paper did too.

That's right, friends. The Corey Girls were the stars of a Back-To-School feature in The Norwalk Hour on September 6, 1972:

I know, awesome, right? We were superstars.

Let's read the captions, shall we?

Back To School Time -- The six daughters of Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Corey of 26 Bettswood Road team up to get ready for the first day of school today. From left:

Mrs. Corey ties a bow for Jacqueline, 3½, nursery school-bound;

Ellen, nine*, gives her hair a last minute brush;*

*I turned nine the day before the first day of school, but was still eight when this photo was taken. In the interest of full disclosure.

Mary Beth, 12, gives Julie, six, a hand with a zipper;

Ann, 11, takes care of the lunch detail;

Jane, five, a kindergartener [sic], struggles with her shoes.

Then it's off to school, the summer vacation just a memory.

School Bells Ring Today -- Drive Carefully

Today's the day that old school bell rang, calling Norwalk youngsters back to the classroom.  Here Mrs. Joseph Corey of 26 Bettswood Road, Norwalk, gives Jacqueline a kiss, as her sisters get ready to head to school.  From left, are, 
Julie, Ann, Ellen, Jane and Mary Beth.

Jane sneaks a rather wistful look back at the family pooch who's not enrolled for classes this year.

Oh, the thoughts and feelings.

No one in my family ever called me Ellen in my life -- I was Ellie from the day I was born. Except, apparently, in the newspaper.

The outfits are brilliant, especially Mom's.

In the second-to-last photo, Jacquie is giving the camera her daughter's look.

Julie's dress slays me.

Jane was very very short.

MB's dress was also very very short.

I'm pretty sure Ann never made lunches for the whole family.

I'm pretty sure if any one of us was expected to make lunch for the whole family, there would have been a coup.

And finally, and most importantly of all, I remember we were all chagrined that our beloved family pooch was not named by name. In fact, I'm still peeved.

Good ol' Yobo. Just look at her, yawning in the last photo. Unfazed by school bells ringing, or by superstardom.


mom said...

I love every word of this Ellie, so awesome... love, mom

MB said...

So awesome and adorable, El! Love! xo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

"oh, the thoughts and feelings"

indeed. I am SO wrapped up in nostalgia. I wish I could sharpen these pictures, and see them in color. I love and miss that house so much, it's such fun to visit retrospectively! My favorite - a close second to Ellie grooming herself in the hall mirror with what appears to be a massive lumpy cowlick in back (but could just be a shadow) - is Ann in the kitchen. Her sainted expression is great, "oh just making pbjs for all the wee whippersnappers"... but the kitchen is AWESOME, even without the glory of their yellow and orange hues. The mushroom canisters, fold top sandwich bags and plain brown paper sacks.. I want the camera to pan left so we can see the giant fork and spoon and poster sized image of mom with the tennis player. who was that? Stan someone?

I am in need of some serious quality time with the photo albums.

love it all so much, El.


Mom said...

Sstan Smith - sigh

Mom said...

That's Stan, not Sstan

Beth said...

OMG, this is amazing. I can't believe what stars you are! And how mean you are to Ann to make her slave away in the kitchen :) Five lunches? I think not.

This is really so, so great. I think I need autographs.

Not so sure they would dole out the address and names of 6 little girls in the paper today! More than fashion has changed....

Such a great post, Ellie!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

SIX lunches, Beth! Although I would not have been caught dead eating pb, then or now. Spaghettios or bust.

LOL at your Stan Smith sigh, mom.



Beth said...

Ah, I left you out of my count - I thought you didn't need one at preschool. See how spoiled I've become at your school?!

DizzyMamma said...

Was there a fabric shortage in the summer of '72?

Been following your blog a while and love it, but never expected to be exposed to quite so much leg in one go...

It's like an episode of the Kardashians.... except a little less dramatic, though I assume a house with 6 girls was pretty high drama.