Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a different shore

Ah, summer camp. . The summers of my childhood were spent not at camp but at the Shore of Haven , so most of my knowledge about traditional camps has been learned through classic documentary films like Meatballs and Little Darlings. My kids have not done much in the way of overnight camp adventures, so they are more closely aligned with my stories of spook island adventure and stealing sugar packets than they would be with Jodie Foster and Matt Dillon’s deliciously clandestine sojourn into the woods.  We don’t have a Shorehaven though, but there are a plethora of really cool experiences available for the taking for summer campers these days, and we have the luxury of seeking opportunity rather than needing daycare at this stage, so we can be selective if we opt to sign the kids up for camp.  My girl asked to go to one with a subject near and dear to her heart, and it’s a nonprofit to boot so we are all in. I gladly filled out and signed the check, then started in on the registration and permission forms.

I also give permission for the above-mentioned child to handle blunt medical instruments. I am aware that said minor may witness blood and internal organs of animals and that the …staff will do everything reasonably within their power to protect my child from any possible contamination.

Well, they didn’t have that at Shorehaven.  My squeamish girl can’t wait to maybe witness the blood and guts of her beloved animals under the knife for medical purposes. I think her grandfather would be pretty proud.  


Beth said...

oh my, my, that is so *different* -- blunt medical instruments?! Blood and guts?! Wow. I never got to a camp like that!

Wish my girls were going to be there to share the gore with her ;)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Holy Moses! What kind of a camp *IS* that??!! I love the thought of Madame Squeamish operating on animals. That is just entirely perfect.

Good luck with the gore!