Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Best Mailbox in New London

We had the worst mailbox in New London.

We also have a spot on our camera lens, 
but that's not important right now.

It was a huge eyesore, a terrible blind spot. We just kept not noticing the rusty old green mailbox, which used to hang on the front porch railing, but which therefore made all the mail wet, was now instead leaning up against the house -- for years -- looking downright decrepit and embarrassing.

I mean, we take pride in our house and our front porch. It was a Blind Spot Extraordinaire.

One day we were home when our lovely letter carrier Lori delivered our mail and we said to her, "We just realized we have the Worst Mailbox in New London." She said, "Um, no you don't."

"Still," we replied, "we're going to do something about it."

Enter the City Classic.

One cannot just mount a City Classic on vinyl siding, though. No, first one first has to affix a mounting block to said siding, to then mount festive mail boxes.

Mounting block, check.

And one needs to drill pilot holes in said mounting block, with a 3/32 drill bit.

Oh dear, that must be the drill bit still inbedded in my bedroom window sill.

Wait, maybe Dad left me a 3/32 bit . . .

Thanks Dad.

Pilot holes drilled.

Next, one caulks those screw holes . . .

The only thing I love more than caulking
is the spout cutter on the caulk dispenser.

And while we've got the caulking gun out, how's about some caulking around the mounting block?

Oh, yeah.

And . . . voilà.

Oh, wait! One more thing:

Now we're talking. And what, you ask, did the most important and relevant person in New London think about the home improvement?

The Best Mailbox in New London.


mom said...

Your pa would love this... good job! love, mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Mistah said the same thing. Don't think I didn't channel Dad every step of the way.....


Beth said...

I already miss the green rusty one. sniff.

However, as always, I am amazingly impressed by your handiness. I really wish you lived closer. I could provide part-time work for months!

Oh, and now? I am dying to see the worst mailbox in New London. The one that your mail carrier did not hesitate to say was worse than your leaning old green one leaning up against the house "looking downright decrepit and embarrassing"


MB said...

Love! And I love your mailperson's seal of approval! xo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Wow, that is completely awesome. You are so good about the behind-the things. you know I'd just shove that thing up there, probably crooked, and it would fall down in a while. nicely done, sister!