Thursday, July 11, 2013

Here's Harry . . .

Here's Harry . . .

Here's what's for sale. . . .

Here's Mistah Schleckah, and here's me, when we were teeny tiny tots, and Mistah had Tall Hair.*

*Thank you Steven. No, really. Thanks.

 Here's the Piano Table in full summer regalia.

 Here's Mom and Julie. *In* New London.

 *In* New London!

Right on our very front porch.

Here's Mistah at a Fancy Party.

 And here's the state of things on our deck.

Why yes! Big Cacti is happy to see you.


mom said...

Love it all, Ellie.... love, mom

Beth said...

Well that is just a big ol' slice of life right there. Love seeing Julie and her boy and your mom, right *In* New London;)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

And all is right with the world! Have a great weekend festering!!