Friday, July 26, 2013


My family has been on summer break for approximately 700 days. They are the leisure team, not so motivated to get up and at 'em during these long, lazy days. Every once in a while I get a wild burr up my ass and insist that we are GOING somewhere to do SOMETHING. Right now!

Last week we enticed our friends and cobloggers Beth and family to join us for a fun and creative activity at the ceramics shop

We arrived and set up shop, each selecting the piece we wanted to paint.
Some went the decorative route with random vaguely animal shaped figurines.
Others smugly chose more practical items like a bowl.
Then we each chose our color palatte
Then these two mugs joined us!
what did I ever do to inspire such a look?
no, seriously. what did I ever do to you people?

Everyone worked hard to paint their piece with great care. Some helped out others until the desired result was achieved.


Some of us discovered hidden talents that we liked to talk about humbly.

and photograph from many angles.

what a masterpiece!

I love this photo to death. So much to see.
A few days later, our pieces were fired and ready for pick up. So a week after that, I went back to fetch them

Ta Daaaaaaa!

Beth, please tell M that her pooh bearish figure had a small mishap on the drying shelf, and is currently being reglazed and fired. We left your other pieces there as well so as not to incite riotous sibling rage.

Fear not, though. my bowl is ... perfect.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

So ca-rafty!

Love all you girls together, creating the art. And I *am* impressed with your prow-ass, Jacqueline. Who knew?

The hordey-horse, owl, pooh-bear, and, um, kitty-cat? are all awesome, too. And so useful!

But *what*, pray tell, did our lovely co-blogger create?


Beth said...

I fetched the mike's *harder* strawberry lemonades, which was, of course, a very important job. And, in my defense, me and the little one showed up late, after swimming lessons. Hence, her smaller, albeit, just as USEFUL creation. I mean who doesn't need a pooh bear and unicorn with eyeliner and , um, kitty-cat gracing their home?

I do look forward to seeing your bowl in person, Jacquline. Such perfection.

Beth said...

*the little one and I*

Anti-ceramic animals in Central PA said...

you are better moms than I/me...I tend to cringe and try desperately to make everyone pick something practical at the ceramic store. It is my least favorite party destination because I have to display the crap/art in my house, and there are only so many spots for painted animals/skateboards/piggy banks.
Looks like a lovely time, though. And harder lemonade would help me tolerate the selections.