Monday, July 29, 2013


When Jacquie's girl was a wee tiny tot, she used to climb waaay up onto the couch in the playloom -- as Jacquie's boy used to call it -- using her head as ballast, and about halfway up she'd look at us and exclaim, "Ididit!" Um, not quite yet, honey.

Well Mistah and I? This past weekend? Undeniably, wedidit.

Remember the Stuff and Junk?

This stuff and junk? In Mumsie's living room?

Here was Mumsie's living room yesterday:

I know, right?!

Shall we do some more compare-and-contrast?

Mumsie's den a few weeks ago:

(We tried to bury Mumsie, but it didn't take.)*


Mumsie's den yesterday:

The dining room then:

The dining room now:

But what I'm most proud of, and what we worked hardest on, are those two scary-in-the-corners, I-don't-want-to-know-what-may-have-wandered-in spots . . . you guessed it, the garage and the basement.

The garage in the midst of the insanity . . .

. . . and the garage yesterday after I swept and vacuumed:

I wore a mask to cover my mouth and nose, and I wore sunglasses so I didn't have to see *exactly* what I was sweeping up.

The basement, though. The basement was our albatross. Not only did Mumsie have 46 years of crap stored in the basement, but, well, Mistah and I had 12 years of our lovely, unique, valuable belongings stored there too. And not only did we have those lovely, unique, valuable belongings taking up room down there, Mistah had his second library in Mumsie's basement as well . . .

. . . sigh.

This photo is representational of a tiny corner of that gigantic massive monstrosity that was the Mumsie Basement Project.

(You see those cinder blocks holding up the plywood? I made 734 trips up the basement stairs carrying those cinder blocks and their friends. Actually, I think it was 735.)

Hippity Hop. From England. 50 years old. Will. Not. Go. Away.

We had been making progress in the basement all month . . .

 . . . but there was just so much *stuff*.

Oh look! We even found a ping pong table under there!

I polished it up, our friend Chris -- who played on that very table when he was a youngster -- came over to pick it up, and later that very night . . .

Cockles of the Heart? Warmed.

But in the meantime, you're wondering about the current state of the basement?

VoilĂ .

As of yesterday, basement, done.

Billy's old room, done.

Mumsie's room . . . ooh wait, I left curtains . . . .

. . . done.

Kelly's old room . . . done.

Screened-in porch . . . done.

Mistah suggested we take a final walk around the property and we did just that.

It is our friend's childhood home, after all.

We got back to the front . . .

. . .  and we said our see-ya-latahs . . .

. . . and Westy backed out for the last time.


Impressed in Central PA said...

Impressive! I really wish I'd seen this pre-garage flooding that happened while we were on vacation. Those useful cinder blocks would have saved me a lot of heartache.
I can't wait to see your next accomplishment!

mom said...

Ellie and Bill, amazing job... I know how much work and stress it was.. youdidit!!! love, mom

Beth said...

Youdidit, indeed!! Although I'm confused -- I need the back story. Where oh where is Mumsie?? Clearly not in the lving room, dining room, den, basement, garage, or any of the bedrooms....