Tuesday, February 25, 2014

By the seat of my pants

So, I posted this on Facebook a few weeks ago:

Seriously!? Remember these jeans, Jacquie? I wore them to the concert on Sat night? This is how they came out of the dryer!!! Pretty sure you would have said something if they looked like this when we were walking around, that night, right?

These were my second favorite jeans, my go-to jeans for concerts and other nights out. Wtf? Could the washer really do this? It had just ripped major holes in the last pair of tights I had thrown in there. But denim? That's crazy, and a serious problem. How long would it take before the cost of all the ruined clothing exceeded the cost of the washer itself?

I was contemplating writing a letter to GE when Dorothea responded to my FB post with this:
If we lived closer I would totally think my dog ate the crouch of your pants!

OMG, lightbulb fucking moment, a dog DID eat the crotch of my pants. We were dog sitting while the girls' dad was on vacation. That little yappy mutt ate my jeans!

Honestly, there was a moment of relief; the letter to GE no longer needed to be penned. But, damn, Ziggy, those jeans were pricey and fit well.

Those jeans had seen Ben Harper, Trevor Hall, Slightly Stoopid and Citizen Cope all in the last few months. Those were my good-music good-time jeans I suddenly realized! (Geek alert.)

After some laughs from the Facebook post replies, and a quick text to the girls' dad with a photo of the crotchless jeans and  unrepentant dog, the irritation passed.

They were, after all, only a pair of jeans.

A day or two later, when the girls' dad came to pick up the baaaad dog, he asked them to fetch the jeans so he could take photos of the size and style. Apparently he was going to attempt to replace them?

This seemed like a fool's errand to me. How the hell was he going to find those jeans again?

But, it peaked my curiosity, and, well, the Internet is an amazing invention. With the size and style number maybe you could find them. Low and behold, Ebay had them. The very same. Brand new with tags attached. The price was fair too.

Should I re-buy them?

But what if Michael (aka, the girls' dad) found the same pair and was going to buy them....

Coincidentally, I ran into his girlfriend while leaving yoga the next morning. She was very apologetic and told me they could/would replace the jeans. I told her I'd found them online and would buy them myself, and that really, it wasn't a big deal, and additionally, a good, albeit unwanted, lesson not to leave dirty clothes on the floor of my closet.

But should I re-buy the jeans?

After hemming and hawing for another day or two, I decided, why not?

In record time, and one day before the JBT concert, my new Ebay replacement jeans arrived. And fit just like the last pair.

What DID we do before the Internet?!?
So, a happy ending. I wore them to the amazing concert last night, and had just as good of a time as I did at all the past concerts. The fact that they were replacements did not stifle the magic.

And then, double happy ending, this was awaiting me when I returned home tonight.....

A gorgeous flower arrangement


A thank you/apology card with a yoga studio gift card inside!

I guess that perverted little mongrel can probably come back someday...


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Wow, what a happy story. New jeans, flowers and yoga? Maybe you should invite that little rug-rat over a little more often. And think ahead next time to the pieces of clothing that need to be replaced.......

Win, win, win!


Beth said...

Well it did set me back $70 for the jeans (which prior to the giant hole did NOT need to be replaced), so I'm in no *rush* to see the pooch ;)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

It's a great cover story for how you wore out the crotch of your jeans, Beth.

At least he didn't poop in the shag rug, lol


Beth said...

No, not the *shag* rug, but he DID shit twice on the living room carpet. AND peed on it.

Thinking hard about how lovely the flowers are right now.....