Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Years and years and years ago My Girl Nancy and Her Man Jonny got their kids -- and themselves -- a puppy for Christmas.

An under-the-tree surprise puppy for Christmas.

I know, right?

Callie has seen the Mitchells through thin and thick . . . and thick and thin. She's had co-pet cats, she's had dog-sitters, she's had visitors. She's loved everyone, especially if they've provided snacks.

March 2007

Mistah and I would visit ol' Callie -- and her lovely masters -- whenever we were in town . . .

October 2007

. . . and she was always delighted to see us.

And then we moved back to Connecticut and she was really happy about that . . .

July 2008
 . . . especially when we provided snacks.

December 2008

She loved her sister . . .

December 2008

. . . and she loved her brother . . .

. . . and she tolerated -- nay, even enjoyed -- the kitty-cat licking the insides of her ears.

I know, right? Ew.

She escaped, was put in Lock Down, and escaped again.

Poor ol' Callie went to the Big Lock Down in the Sky yesterday, and her family misses her so much. She was a Bo-Bo -- or a Dum-Dum, depending on who you were talking to -- for the ages.

Lovely lovely Callie. One of the sweetest 'ol doggies on the planet.

She was a Good Girl.


Beth said...

Aw, Callie. You are obviously missed.


Julie said...

Breaks my heart. Those old girl chocolate labs are the real deal. RIP, Callie.

Noelle said...

Thanks Ellie and my condolences to Nancy and her family. Our "rescue"dog will be 11 on Friday. We just had our first big health scare with her and are realizing that she is getting up there. "Who rescued who?" Is our favorite bumper sticker!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

So sorry for Nancy, Jon & the kids. It hurts so badly to lose a beloved pet. Sniff.