Friday, February 28, 2014

Must do redux

We're getting a bit of weather here, or are supposed to anyway. They tell us there is a Strong Pacific Storm coming in today through the weekend.....we'll see. It would be the first real "weather" in a long time.

But even though we've had one of the mildest winters of late -- the term "polar vortex" used only in reference to our poor misguided family and friends who insist on living elsewhere in the country -- it is still winter. It is still February, if only barely. It is still dark before 6 pm. The daytime light is still filtered and weak.

It's not summer. If you know what I mean. And I very much think you do.

So, in the last few weeks when I've been eye to eye with the photo below when opening my refrigerator door, I've had a reoccurring thought.

We MUST recreate it. This summer.

We must position these kiddos, now teens and preteens and tweens, in this very same lineup.

Yes, yes, they would protest, but not too loudly and not for too long, because they'd secretly think it was awesome too. Plus, they'd be at the waterpark together, and if memory serves we had the full cabana treatment that day, so redux on that too.

I think we'd be well served to snap a second shot that would also include the one boy missing in the above photo, Jacquie's boy (who is now almost a man), as well as the two new additions, both preschool girls who will be headed to kindergarten.

I may even spring for the cabana. Yes, you can quote me on that one.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Look at that motley crew! I love it. And those are the ages I so very well remember those kiddos being.

Yes, yes, yes. Must do redux. Complete with cabana boys. Can't wait!

(You must *love* opening your fridge every day. That is some Serious cuteness.)


Pat said...

Please can I come?
Love, Nonnie