Thursday, February 20, 2014

Super sonic bionic

A friend of mine posted this last week:

It cracked me up. I noticed tonight that she didn't get many "likes" for it, but c'mon, it's hilarious.

ANYway, it's stayed with me long after I hit the "like" button.

I mean, what kind-of super hero am I?! We've all taken those inane quizzes on Facebook, right? You know, the ones where your answers provide you with the city or state in which you should be living (Portland and New York, respectively), or the type of mom you are (The Effortlessy Cool - I kid you not!), or the character on Downton Abbey that you're most like (Lady Edith -- C'mon, really?!?!).

I have not taken a super hero quiz yet, but without a doubt, I want to be the Bionic Woman. I would skew my answers to land her.

My kids told me there is some new Disney show with bionic kids. Really? Well they can never, ever, ever come close to being as cool as Jamie Sommers. Some chic tried it in 2007. Honestly, I didn't even know that until tonight when I looked for photos of the REAL bionic woman. That 2007 poser was invisible to me.

The Bionic Woman?

Now, this is the Bionic Woman

Remember her?

Remember the way she pulled her hair back to intensify her bionic hearing?

Probably unnecessary, now that I think about it.....

And  her vitals:

Tennis professional? Hell yeah, and then later, teacher, which affords  her all that time off to be awesome? And her age? Perfect! Living in California is always the right choice too.

I'm no dog person, but really, if you're going to have one, he may as well be a bionic Alsatian, right?

And her home, do you remember that? Do you? No one seems to remember this but me, because I have made inquires over the years, but it was one of the great things about her Cyborg life, at least in my opinion.... that wood shingle carriage house apartment? I have been a fan of wood shingle homes until this very day.

With the fireplace to get crafty in front of?
okay, that part I don't remember. Or the granny glasses either.)

There is, of course, of course the fact that her boyfriend is none other than Steve Austin, the former astronaut, now 6 Million Dollar Man!

He da man!

Admittedly, not his best likeness
Here, this is better.

Sexy, right?
Maybe more so in this get up?

With the manly, manly belt? (and bracelet?)

I bet he was drawn to her stunning lip scar, which I always so liked too, but which you would, sadly, likely not see on an actress today. It gave her character. I mean she DID have a parachuting accident and all... Plus I like the fact she had small boobs. No Wonder Woman rack on the Bionic Woman. She was just a regular gal.

 Remember when natural was sexy?
Before plastic surgery was so pervasive? Yeah, me neither.

Lindsay Wagner was the highest paid actress on television at the time, and won an Emmy for her performance -- a rare event for any sci fi show back then.

She also graced the cover of People Magazine in 1976.

But, honestly, what do you expect?! Jamie Sommers battled  monsters, killer sharks, aliens, meteorites with sonic power, UFOs, a town full of killers and thieves in Mexico, bigfoot, and of course, FEMBOTS!

She's a super hero for the ages.

So, go ahead, click on it, let's re-live how it all started


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh this is *so* awesome. I, too, loved Jaime Sommers. Like, *loved*.

I don't know about the whole bionic ear thing, though -- I mean, how much more crap do you really want to hear? But I'd love those bionic legs, if for no other reason than so that I could hear that sound when I leapt.

Nice one, Bef!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

She is all that AND a bag of chips. Love!