Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Luncheon with Lovelies

Here was our Luncheon on Sunday:

Mom, Mistah and MB got the burger-with-bleu-cheese-and bacon . . .

. . . Dowd and I got the burger-with-swiss-cheese-and-mushrooms . . .

. . . Burgers and Guinness and big windows on a winter day? What could be better?

Luncheon with Lovelies.

Lovelies. Lovelies make everything better.

Here was our Luncheon on Monday:

A fabulous view of the Connecticut River . . .

. . . Sliders, of the salmon, crab and tuna variety . . .

. . . Chopped salad*

*(and I'm the one who brought lefties home. Lobster is *rich* y'all.)

. . . and fries two days in a row.

My sole Lovely on Monday was the lovely Mistah.

Oh, and a couple of additional friends:

They were kind of stiff . . .

. . . being made out of wood pilings and all . . .

. . . but they were Lovely.


mom said...

Loved our luncheon, such a treat on a snowy Sunday.... xo mom

Beth said...

I'm on team: burger-with-swiss-cheese-and-mushrooms. That will even the teams right up. Although you forgot to invite me, Lovely!

Wow, two impressive winter luncheons in a row. I can't even remember what I ate for lunch yesterday..... You win!

And that snowy photo of the Connecticut River? LOVELY.

And to spend lunch time with Mistah, MB, Mom C and the Dowd? SUPER lovely.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I am on team fish sliders, yum. Those burgers with the smelly cheese? pa-yuke. I love the company, though! Can't wait to insert myself in a couple of weeks!!!!


Unknown said...

Such a lovely life for two so lovely people as you and the lovely Mistah!!