Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Crab's Eye View

Here's what we saw when we arrived at The Cape a couple of Friday mornings ago:

The Flats.

We headed right down to check it out . . .

. . . and it was a good thing we did, because the whole rest of the weekend we were always out-and-about during Low Tide on the Bay side . . .

. . . Dead Low Tide . . .

. . . fantastically Low Tide.

One can walk for miles and miles on those sand flats during Low Tide . . .

. . . and walk we did.

Mistah and I had no idea what we were in for when we arrived at Nancy and Jonny's aunt's cottage, no idea of the view, no idea we'd be able to walk almost to Provincetown, on our very first morning on The Cape.

I love walking almost all the way to Provincetown, on my very first morning on The Cape.

You know who else loves it?

The crabs.

The crabs love it because they have the most perfect Crab's Eye View of the Flats.

If you're a crab, you love low tide in Brewster on The Cape.

Even if you're not a crab . . .

. . . Low Tide in Brewster on The Cape is pretty great.

You know what's also great?

High Tide . . .

. . . at Sunset.

Mistah may or may not have taken 7 zillion photos . . .

. . . and they were all fabulous.

And if you think Friday evening's sunset was espectacular?

(And it was . . . )

Well, here's a sneak peak of the sunset the next evening:

I know, right?

But Saturday is not important right now.

The important thing is that Mistah calls this photo:

How'd You Guys Like The Sunset?

And I call this one:

My Mistah and My Girl.


Beth said...

WOW! wow, wow, wow. Those are some photos!!! The 4th to the last is amazingly espectacular. I think Mistah could win some sort of prize with that one!!

How nice you got to share all the high and low tide beauty with such good friends.


mom said...

Lovely Ellie, I love "Old Cape Cod", wonderful shots Bill...... xoxo mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Love this, I haven't been to the cape in 50 million years. That's too long!