Monday, August 11, 2014

The Cape of Cod

So here's what you do on The Cape, to enjoy every moment of all the awesomeness:

You get A Boy to take everyone to The Beach . . .

. . . and have a lovefest on the way.

. . . and then when you get there? To the Cape Cod National Seashore?

The love grows.

Hanging with college kids is edifying, enlightening and educational.

. . . and oh, such fun.

. . . I mean, just look at them!

When you find yourself on the Cape Of Cod, in the middle of a Lovefest?

Oh, how lovely and glorious life is.


Hsin-Yi said...

Lovely and glorious, is correct!

Beth said...

I concur!

One more place to add to the list of must visit(s). Especially if you and your lovefest are there!


jacquie said...

Looks so great, everyone's got that late summer blissed out beach vibe. The photo of the love circle on the beach cracks me up with the boneheads set up to face the dunes with the ocean at their back. Silly.


mom said...

Ahhh Cape Cod, such great memories of Cape Cod in the summer, beautiful pics Ellie.... xoxo mom