Thursday, August 7, 2014

I see you, kind of

This is what my life has become. A constant grab for the reading glasses.

Yep, I've made the ghastly switch from needing them while reading a book in bed, to needing them, well, basically anytime I read anything. Even on my computer screen!

True, I can fiddle with my screen display and adjust the size of many online sites, but not all, and two of those non-adjustable sites are ones I need everyday, over and over throughout the day, to work.

I found myself squinting for awhile, or doing a ridiculous turtle-like maneuver, where I'd crane my neck forward, then back, then forward again, trying to move my eyes to the optimal space in relation to the teeny tiny words on my screen.

It was frustrating. I began to make mistakes. I decided to put on the glasses one day. And well, that was the end.

This is my new reality.

A pair at my home computer.

A pair by my bed

A pair in a case in my purse, which I still loath to use, because it totally calls out my rapidly advancing age in any restaurant. (What? You think people can tell I'm not a hipster even without the specs?)

A pair stashed in the very unimpressive spice drawer in the kitchen

Two extra glasses in a drawer in my room
for those times when I misplace said other pairs, which of course I do.
And there is, of course, a good pair on my desk at the office, not pictured here. So, seven in total. Right now.

I don't like it one bit. They leave marks on the sides of my nose, they constantly need cleaning, and they are a very tangible reminder that these bodies of ours continue to age and decay.

Just wait until my mind goes too....


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Welcome to the club. The ghastly club. It's terrible, it's awful. But you know what is great? Being able to see.

I used to always forget them, but now I never forget them, and now I can always see.

And, hey, our bodies aren't decaying. They're just getting ripe.

Love you!

jacquie said...

You look adorable in your specs, and I'm *very* impressed with the sheer volume of your collection.


mom c said...

Love this Beth.. I have glasses everywhere in my little condo, and I'm still always looking for them... love the last pic... xoxo mom c