Wednesday, November 26, 2014

happy happy

I had a birthday last week, and now I'm really old. Technically, I was already really old so to be clear I am now really oldER.

I would just throw in the towel and live out  my days in a mumu and curlers, but there's this

but she's YOUNGER than me! 8 months younger.

Oh, and this
She's older than me. Sigh. Hi Jane, you gorgeous hunka burnin love!

Oh well. I'm happy, healthy, wealthy and wise.

I am at least half of those things.

My birthday, though! My birthday was a lalapalooza of fun. A birthdaypalooza, if you will.

On the big day propah, I opted for a family dinner and was very noncommital about where that dinner would take place. I thought maybe Indian since no one ever wants to eat Indian with me and on this day they'd be my prisoners. Then I thought maybe Mexican, because yum. Bill kept asking and asking me and I kept not answering, driving him to the brink of madness which made no sense at all until the moment when a couple of these lovelies stormed in and said:

"You're under birthday arrest, grab your purse!"

Desiree always remembers the fit I threw about celebrating on my actual birthday a few years ago, and knows that I really do appreciate the acknowledgement of the propah day.

That wasn't the end of it, though. One of those selfsame lovelies gifted me with a ticket to Lauryn Hill the very next night!

She looks and acts weird, but she brought the house down, and the peeps? magnifique.
All of this on school nights. What am I, 36?  

The weekend finally came, and we kicked it off with just one more gathering. Just a quiet, cozy evening with friends.

friends in wigs are the best friends of all

It was a good birthday. Took almost the whole weekend to recover.

Er, at least until Sunday brunch

I've got good people. I like you people. Happy Birthday to YOU, people.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

What birthday joy! What birthday love!

I feel so happy for you, with all your peeps. Because although I, too, have excellent peeps who love me and treat me with generosity, graciousness, and mirth, I have *NO* peeps who have a box of wigs.


Love you, sistah. Happy *so* Birthday. You're a stunning vision of gorgeousness. And pretty stinkin' wise.


MB said...

You are a crack-up, Jacq! Happy Continued Birthday. xo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Omg, who are in those people of yours in the wigs?!?! It is driving me crazy! I only recognize u and Eric!

Looks as though your birthday celebrations just got crazier and crazier! Fun!


jacquie said...

Well it's Janet in the Milli Vanilli wig and Clint behind her in the mullet. Their friend Nate who showed up at the end of the night is on the mic, his girlfriend Amanda is.... dancing?