Friday, November 14, 2014

The Thing? Where You Do That Thing?

You know that thing. Where you void yourself of all the things.

Wait, is that gross? The verb "to void"?


Thing #1. Fall Harvest.

Thing #2. Egg sandwiches at the crack of dawn, on our way to Boston last week.

My Uncle Frank Pomer and his granddaughter Margo and this photo will slay me for all my days.



Where was I? Oh yeah. Dumb things. This is pizza eggs. Or eggie pizza. That thing? Where you take the top off of leftover pizza, reheat it with scrambled eggies, put it all back together on top of the pizza crust you were heating up in the toaster oven? And it's the best hangover food in the history of America?

Yeah, that thing.

And that other thing. Where the pine tree spins the moon on its finger, magically, all night long. That thing.


mom said...

I love that eggy pizza ellie, and that picture of Uncle Frank and Margo? that could be Kristen, or a dozen of his other grandchildren, right?? xoxo mom

Jane Corey Holt said...

love it, El! especially that photo of uncle frank and margot. xoxox

Beth said...

That photo is priceless. I don't know either Frank or Margo, but that matters not in the least.

I have to admit I've never done the eggie pizza, but it is pure brillance! Must try soon. Very soon.


Ellen said...

I have to try the eggie pizza thing. Sounds delish. I love the photos....all of them. You and Bill are the BEST.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Omg that pizza! Are you kidding me? I vow to make this happen asap.