Monday, November 3, 2014

The End of the Season

About 12 seconds before we brought in the plants for the season, they looked like this . . .

. . . like they could stay out on the deck and be happy all the live-long year.

But the thing is? They can't. The first frost, she's a-coming, and it's time to do the necessary.

It's the end of the season.

But what a lovely season she has been.

Bye-bye tomatoes.

Night-night basil.

See ya latah, porch plants . . .

. . . all you lovely porch plants.

Rose-of-Sharon? We'll see you in the springtime.

Oh, but all is not lost; there's still hope . . .

Hello Green Tomatoes.

Welcome, Fall.


jacquie said...

Such pretty leaves! I've always loved fall, it's the one time of year that I miss east coast weather.

love you dolly face


Beth said...

I bet that she's is a-coming. And not to long from now, either.

The weather here in SD has finally turned. (Well, at least temporarily.) I knew it was finally fall when my coconut oil re-solidified (on November 1) after months and months of being liquid. (That's what one must do when your leaves don't change!)