Monday, December 15, 2014


I know, I know. My last post was a walk on the beach, too.

But 1) This is the Atlantic Ocean, not the Long Island Sound and 2) It's winter. We've got nothing else going on here this time of year, my people. So sue me.

And it's beautiful out here.

It is beautiful, right? Wait, you're bored?

Okay, let's focus on something else. Let's focus on my Jennie-hair:

Still bored? How about htis guy:

He's very exuberant.

And c'mon now. Just look at the scenery:

Napatree Point, baby.

Such a gorgeous spot.

Why don't I come out here more often?

The man who makes it all happen.

(Seriously. He does. I would read my book in the bed all the day if it were up to me.)

Watch Hill, baby.

Hold steady for us.

We'll see you this summer.


Beth said...

That shot of the dunes is gorgeous, as are you, with your Jennie-hair.


Reading a book in bed all day sounds delightful.

jacquie said...

what a pretty day, and what a pretty pair! love your jennie hair, even when it's attacking your pretty face.