Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pub Crawling

Well, we did find ourselves in Westerly after our walk on the beach last weekend. Why wouldn't we avail ourselves of that lovely little town's lovely pubs and bars?

A stranger's table and his olive oil. Mistah loved the light.


We had heard a motley crew of 15 or so had taken the train from New London to Westerly -- about a 20 minute ride -- that morning for "Christmas Shopping". Everywhere we went the bartenders were texting eachother about the crew's location. Westerly may never be the same.

See Miles in the reflection?

Kind of Blue, and the Epitome of Cool.

More signs of New Londoners in Westerly.

Our favorite.

Who knew cheddar and jalapeno stuffed pretzels could be so fabulous?

I'm a new fan of the cool little city across the river -- thanks for the Rhode Island fun, Westerly.


Beth said...

Oooh, I love that "beer" photo. Love the light in that one.

But I'm confused. Were you and Mistach part of the motley crew from New London? I mean it would stand to reason. But why are neither you or Mistah in that photo? And who is the cute guy??

Although I think you should come way way more westerly, Westerly does look pretty damn cool ;)


Beth said...

Mistach, I kinda like it!