Tuesday, December 9, 2014

up, up and away

Sunday was one of those days when I decided that the kids and I needed to get out into the world. My kids have mixed reactions to this type of day. Everybody likes an outing, but once the idea is dropped the challenge quickly becomes mighty. Not why, but where? When? For how long? It is very easy for me to become frustrated with the negotiations and tempted to throw in the proverbial towel, but I am nothing if not a man on a mission. Well. You know what I mean.

Here are some of the ideas that were optioned, in no particular order:

Canyon hike
Ice skating
Bike ride
Go Carts

Here is the consensus reached on each:


Sigh. So, ice skating! We agreed to leave in 30 minutes, then each retreated to our private corner of the house to lament. I should mention that these were pre-Charger game hours, and Dad was not part of the escape plans. He had a lot of worrying work to do before the game. 

When the time we had agreed upon arrived, we all sort of shuffled in and sighed. No one wanted to go ice skating. Who wants to go ice skating? It was like 80 degrees out. Ice skating is stupid unless it's cold. I offered an out.... do you guys want to take a scenic drive then go for FroYo? Ooooohh, the yesses.

I had an idea in mind, and off we went. I didn't tell them where we were going, and the really cool thing is that conversation turned to all the times we'd surprised them with destinations they really liked. We got into a deep talk about when SeaWorld was the surprise, because that one year we had season passes we went quite frequently. We talked about the blackfish vs ocean research debate and agreed that our SeaWorld days are behind us.

Someone asked: "so where are we going?"
I replied: "SeaWorld!"


Our actual destination was somewhere I have never been, in all of my 25 years as a resident of San Diego. But they wanted scenic, and scenic is what we got.

Oh, did you think I'd have photos of the scenery?

You're so cute.

Mount Soledad! It's a spectacularly gorgeous mountaintop spot best known for controversial state vs religion argument. Isn't that dumb? I mean it's a spectacularly gorgeous mountain top spot! Sigh. As I said to the kids, you don't have to claim Jesus as your savior and saint to appreciate the beauty of this:



It was lovely and fun and windy, and a great way to spend our day. We all noticed the guy sitting under a 10x10 with posters about a book signing and a table covered with books and artifacts. We all saw him, and we're all the same because none of us could stand the fact that the guy was siting there alone and ignored. I was like, oh brother, we're gonna have to buy that damn book aren't we. They were like yup. So we did, and we talked with the guy for a while. His book was the publication of his journals from Vietnam. The artifacts where things he'd brought back with him. We bought his book thinking that we'd send it to Bill's dad, and he signed it for us. My boy put it in his backpack though.

And as we drove off, we saw that the guy was smiling.

Later that night while watching the 11:00 news, I saw that guy being interviewed about the significance of the Veteran's Memorial atop Mt. Soledad, on Pearl Harbor Day.  He was still smiling.


MB said...

Love! So glad you bought the book and made the guy smile. xo

Beth said...

I love this post for about 10 million reasons. Or at least 10.

I love that we are looking at your face and NOT the scenery, I mean who hasn't been to Mt Soledad like a thousand times? Oh, yeah, you! Ha. That's is really hard to believe girlfriend. But what an inaugural visit -- book signings from dudes on TV! And smiles. And I have this feeling your boy is going to read the book.....

Although I love the photo of the cross you present, the angle and contrast against the blue sky, I do not find it particularly nice to look at in person. I would not be sad if there were no cross atop that Mt, but the fact that there is doesn't bum me out either. And you with your "you don't have to claim Jesus as your savior and saint to appreciate the beauty of this" statement is brilliant. (If only it were prettier!)

love you, and your no, no, no, maybe, no, no, no, no, no Ooooh yes! children. Did you make good on the froyo promise?


jacquie said...

I did! Of course I did. I also bought them both new shoes during a strategic strike to Kohl's. Win.


mom said...

I love this Jacquie, what a great day for you and the kids, AND the veteran - you made his day, and your kids will always remember... love you. mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I just love the fact that you all decided to go ice skating -- in San Diego -- and then all shuffled in and sighed tragically, about your decision.

I *love* your outing, and love looking at all your faces, and love your almost-no-longer-a-boy. Yeesh, man. He's, like, a man.

Love you madly.

San Diego is really pretty.