Thursday, December 4, 2014


So, yes! Thanksgiving! In photos, natch.

Alternate working title: how to be a bad photographer 

First, set a spacious and pretty table the night before
then fall into the couch and be too lazy to get up for proper photo

reach your arms up as high as they'll go, but do not.. DO NOT get off the couch

Be sure not to grab the photo the next day with natural light and your energized, spiffy self. There are plenty of other things to photograph.

like your pretty pink drink!
Spend a good deal of time on this, but not until after you wax poetic about your shitty flues to anyone who will listen. The only redeeming quality of those flutes is that they are endless fodder for bad photography

Here we demonstrate why you should never stick a bit of paper towel in there in a misguided attempt to eeek out the festering 'bols.
Once you've done away with the offensive flutes, acknowledge the photo ops that occur naturally as each of your Thanksgiving tablemates takes charge of one dish

over here, hors d'oeuvre girl!

Plenty of opportunity for nice photos out in the back yard, where the hors were joyfully offered

hi honey! honey? hi! HI HONEY.

Oh, hi honeys! That's an odd shot.

Here we have the lovely and painfully adorable Colleen and Brenton, mid Skype with Julie and crew in North Carolina!
They look... happy? And what about Moki's ear?

Oh yay, so much better. LOVE these two munchkins. And Mokernation

Look what they brought, though.
never good news
Let's get back to the making of dishes though, shall we? Colleen volunteered to bring dessert! Silly, silly Colleen. She is so impressive, man.

She brought every single ingredient with her.

And she got 'er done.
It was glorious to behold

and the pies were delicious. Thanks Col!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

This guy nailed the garlic mashies
We had one minor problem with one of the courses, but it wasn't really a big deal. The turkey just didn't feel ready when one would have expected a bird to be done. It had its own agenda, that beast.

We kept busy with bad photography

Tap dance o'clock

This was called buffalo something or other
Okay so I think we ate in there, but don't worry, we won't bore you with a single photo of the meal or the table or the people or you know, Thanksgiving.

After dinner and pie, we packed up to take our show on the road to enjoy CRANBERITAS with our neighborhood friends!

But first, there was the small matter of push ups

Colleen is on a very strict regimen of four push ups a day. This is enforced by her mother via text reminders. But on Thanksgiving, no reminder came! That did not dissuade our La La girl, though. She enlisted Clara's support and the two goofs got themselves stretched up and ready

Before dropping to give us .... four.

Oh, how I love Thanksgiving.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Um, actually, I think Pie Girl dropped down and gave you . . . one.

*Love* these, Jacqueline. Just adore.

I love looking at all the things, everywhere, especially the human-shaped ones.

What a treat, what joy, to have LaLa Lady and her man in your midst. Looks like a rollicking time.

And: Here we demonstrate why you should never stick a bit of paper towel in there in a misguided attempt to eeek out the festering 'bols.

This is why I love you.


MB said...

Yisterical! Love all you people -- so nice to see your CA faces! xo

Me, You, or Ellie said...

That Julie is one tough bitch! ha

Looks so festive and fun and I'm sure the actual feast was terrific too. Who needs photos of that anyway?!

Wish I would have been her to see LaLa lady and her man. Maybe next year!


julie said...

laughing my ass off! Colleen! wtf with the ONE? You can't make up for it with cuteness, although if you could you'd win. But you can't. So keep training. And they aren't text messages, it's a recurring appointment with nightly programmed reminders. of course.

love it, Jacq. so nice to see everyone!

mom said...

Love LaLa Lady making the pies from scratch... haven't you hear of frozen?? great post Jacq...xoxo mom