Monday, November 21, 2016

Head In The Sand

Here's what I'm doing instead of facing reality.

Hanging out with Mistah whilst he takes photos . . .

And cleaning . . .

Raise that window, Schlecka! 

. . . I cleaned a lot of the north side of our house on Saturday . . .

. . . and it made me feel better . . .

. . .  see?

Nature is helping a lot . . .

. . . like, seriously . . .

. . .  a lot.

And you know what helps the most?

Fire . . . 

. . . and Wine.

Wine by the fire, specifically.

Wine and fire and weekend.

. . . and celebrating Jacquie's birthday from afar.

Wine and Fire and Weekend and Nature and Celebrations.

And *all* the sand from Ocean Beach under which to bury my head.


Beth said...

Good options for sure, Ellie. Those trees are breath taking. Wow!

I'm happy to help you out too, I have loads of windows that could use your reality avoidance cleaning. :) You just come on over, and I'll supply the post fire and wine.


Jacquie said...

you look so earnest in your cleaning pics! and exactly the same as you looked at age 12. cutie pie. under the sand is a perfect place to be, unless of course you are lucky enough to be treated to a spa day with your faves! lucky me :)