Friday, November 4, 2016


Getting old has its perks, I guess. Being wiser and whatnot? I don't know. The live music scene is different, I think. My much older co-blogger Beth is the queen of the live music scene. She is regularly kind and awesome enough to let me barge in on many of her dates 

You may recall that we traveled to both Northern and far Southern California to see our remaining Grateful Dead friends play with their friends in the last couple of years, and we've hung out with our boyfriends Ziggy and Ben and Michael with some regularity.  

I don't think we've posted about the fact that we returned to Kaboo this year. Remember Kaboo? The 3 day music festival right in our own back yard? It's low-key marketed as geared toward an older, wiser, "more mature" crowd, so naturally got a bit of a rep as being for boring old white people. I'd like to believe that I am neither boring nor old, but if the shoe fits, yada yada. 

It was an awesome weekend, but the festival really wasn't as epic this year. The line up was good not great, and there were changes made to the layout that super duper sucked. 

We had fun, though

they had hall AND oates, and Beth and I knew every word to every song. Well, at least 3 or 4 songs. 

The stages were packed, but if you are so inclined there was plenty of space to move around, find shade, or sit down

When the young whippersnappers started chucking inflatables around, we oldies banded together to bring them down to the ground.

even G Love is getting oldie, but he still rocked the house

we oldies know how to maximize space 

Last week Beth and I went to see our my boyfriend Ziggy, at a venue that isn't necessarily marketed toward a mature crowd, but the ticket price was steep enough to keep most whippersnappers at bay, and for God's sake it was a Monday night. Who goes out on Monday nights?

We oldies, that's who.

Beth and her man led me right through the peeps to their special secret spot right next to the stage, and I got to gaze upon Ziggy unobstructed. Swoon. 

That night I was thinking that I had no clue if Ziggy was 30 or 50 or 100 years old, so I looked it up and discovered that his birthday had been just days before this show, and he was born in the same year as me and my much older co-blogger! We make a Ziggy sandwich!

We oldies are still goodies, for sure.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Wait, if you two are oldies, what does that make me??

Such loveliness -- the music and the co-blogger and that fair state of yours and you, schnookie-pie.

And love that Ziggy boyfriend of yours. He's ageless. As are his sandwich components.


Beth said...

Omg, I love this so much! How does this sound, Jacquie? Me and You and Ziggy? Sorry, E, but you weren't born in the right year. Although you do qualify as an oldie, lol.

Kaboo was fun, if not as great as the first year, and you showing up at JUST the right time during Hall & Oates was a very favorite moment of mine. All those poor souls near us. But really, if you didn't show up at that stage to re-live your youth by singing at full volume, you should have!

I can't wait until our next Monday night outing to the Belly Up! Although I've learned that the beer and goldfish at the Cat Lounge might better be skipped;)