Monday, November 14, 2016

Super Moonie

There's only one thing to do at a time like this.

Call in the troops.

Because the troops?

They make everything better.

I mean, look at them . . .

. . . right?

They make everybody feel better.

They make *me* feel better.

They run like the wind . . .

. . . and make it look easy.

Plus? Rocks.

So thankful for these troops . . .

. . . and for their righteous mom and dad.

 . . . Happy Birthday, dude.

And as for you Super Moonie .  . .

. . . you who looks so generously and gorgeously upon us . . .

. . . you who keeps an eye on things down below . . .

 Keep looking after us down here, okay?

We sorely need your help.


Seeking troops in Central PA said...

looks like you found the best and brightest troops to go along with the biggest and brightest moon!

mom said...

Love your upbeat blog Ellie. Sorry I haven't responded to yours, Beth and Jacquie.
The only way I could deal with this whole election disaster was a News blackout.
I neither read nor listened to a word, and I'm slowly recovering.
We will survive...
love, mom

Jacquie said...

Super cuties! I've been loving that big fat moon, too.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I just did handstands on a super moon-lit beach in Poipu this super moon night. (In a dress, no less).

Feeling grateful.

Super moon so super that there were 7 turtles on the beach. That's some serious pull! (Or maybe they are here all the time, what do I know).

Turtles know what to pay attention to.