Saturday, March 5, 2011

3-way Photo Project: fortunate?

I have a tradition of photographing my fortunes. I usually post them on facebook with the caption: "fortunate." Last time the kids and I went to sushi, we received our fortunes as usual and I snapped a photo as usual, but I did not upload them to facebook as usual. Because they were pretty unusual.

Naturally, I offered it up to my co-bloggers to see what they could do with such a weird inspiration. I"d be willing to bet cash that Beth got this fortune from the same spot as my oddballs, because the place is amazing and right next to her office.

I got this fortune the day after I wrote the never-ending dentist diatribe.  Oops...

And Ellie ties us all together into a neat little bow!

Unlike Jacquie and Beth, I have no fortune cookie fortunes to share. But I'm still fortunate. And grateful. And I'm still planning on, um, feeding my cow with roses.....

What's the strangest fortune you've ever received? (between the sheets)

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