Monday, March 7, 2011

ozo sunday

Beth and I had a great chance to get our girls together yesterday. We missed my boy, but this particular event was billed as great for kids "11 and under", and as well are all painfully aware, my boy no longer fits into that demographic.

We arrived right on time, but there was a line stretched around a city block that we were disinclined to endure. Being both thirsty and wise, we crossed the street and enjoyed a pre-event malted beverage of the hoppy variety.

If you know me and you know Beth, you know that a place called the Beer company could never be resisted.
Once the suckers in line had made their way into the venue, we moseyed on over to  join them, just in time for the first song:

Ozomatli at the House of Blues!
Beth and I knew it would be great - Ozo, baby! And as she had emailed earlier in the week when I was wavering a bit about whether or not I could indulge such rockstar fantasies this close to my overseas trip: "The thought of hanging out with my girls at House of Blues just makes me smile."

This particular show did differ slightly from my previous visits to this rock and roll institution.

Check out the bar:
Just Beth and the event staff

All the mommies and daddies had these badges of courage (photographed much later, on the drive home), 

but few others had the wherewithall to plan as Beth and I had, designating a "meet up" spot and then shooing our girls toward the stage before retreating to the spacious and gratifying bar area.

It was a great, fun, albeit short set

 We weren't quite ready to leave when it was over, so we loitered around and took rock star photos:
Baby rock stars!
LOVE these girls. Couldn't they be sisters? They all have the same hair.
What's a rock star photo without a rock star?
Big girl bloggers  rock stars!

And then we wandered around the venue for a bit, catching some quite glorious photos. My fave:

 And then we returned to our happy little beer haven, with the sun strangely still up in the sky, sporting Ozo-merch and a new collection of unforgettable memories.


It was a really good, really Ozo Sunday.



Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, I love seeing you girlie-girls together. The 5 of you make quite a team. And I'm so proud of you and Beth for hanging in the bar during the festivities -- what is wrong with all those aother moms and dads??

Great shots, beautiful girls, awesome venue, and Ozo. And beer.



Me, You, or Ellie said...

Love it, Jacquie! It was so fun. Definitely the right decision to go to the show, and to the brewery first. And after. And to play at being the rock stars we are all deep down.

Love the photo where we can clearly see the bottom of your girl's new bright pink skips. Love those girls!

When I asked my oldest this morning if they had more fun at the Ozo show or playing in the empty, dark, second-story of the restaurant yesterday she quickly chose the restaurant. "We were playing all sorts of cool spy games."

Kids today...


Pat said...

OMG...Merrell is soooo tall!
Looks like great fun...glad Beth inherited my beer gene.
Love, Nonnie

Mom c said...

Love it, five adorable girls.... mom