Friday, March 11, 2011

When You Got Nothing . . .

. . . you get what you have. Or, you know, you go with what you got. In other words, you look in your computer for photos that could possibly fit together to form a cohesive thought. Possibly.

We start, naturally, with summer. And Ocean Beach. And the lifeguard chair . . .

. . . and basil. There are many many things I love about summer and warm weather, and basil is very high up there on my list.

Eating basil on the deck with fresh tomatoes and olives and a glass of charrrrrbonay is high up there too . . .

. . . and so is Mistah's pesto. Mistah makes killer pesto. Killer.

A segue from pesto to a surfer. Actually, there is so segue at all. The connection, the cohesiveness, comes from the warm weather behind these photos. Mistah took this photo in San Diego, where it's warm and sunny so very much of the time.

They're smart people, those San Diegans.

They're cute, too.


Wicked cute.

Oh, we've left San Diego. This photo is not a sunset over the mountaintops; it's a photo of the sunset out our upstairs window. In winter. The most interesting and unique thing about this photo is that I took it. Thank you. Thank you very mulch.

Oh, and now I'm running down the sidewalk in Asheville NC to greet my sister Julie. Okay, cohesiveness  may have been a far-flung goal.

Chicken curry ginger tomato cilantro cashew delight. Wintertime food. One of the good things about winter -- See? See how positive I am about this never-ending season? -- the crock pot.

And, naturally, our wedding day. Because what could be more cohesive, really? By the way, we were 12 when we got married.

Kicking in the Keys. That's what I call this one. Oh, that reminds me. You know that incredible shot Kemba Walker took at the end of the UConn / Pitt game yesterday, to win it at the buzzer and advance in the Big East Tournament against Syracuse tonight? This one:

I call that the Jump-Back Jumper.  I know! It's a gift.

But let's get back to summer, shall we? After all, it is due. In 4 or 5 months or so . . .

We delight in the light . . .

. . . we sing Proud Mary . . .

. . . we listen to baseball . . .

. . . and we bask in the glory. Not yet, but soon.

And just like that, we did it. We did it! I really should re-name this post "The Art and Science of Cohesiveness."


Hsin-Yi said...

This post is exactly where my brain is at today! I loved it, but I have to admit that it was Kemba's shot that made me grin ear to ear. Go UConn!

I look forward to summer. March is such a tease.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, you should have been at the Dutch with, Hsinny. It was so much fun -- the crowd went *nuts* at the end!


Me, You, or Ellie said...

That is one mighty fine beach radio, E!

Lovely photos, all. Really, and yes, I agree, a new title is in order "the art and the science..."


Happy Friday!


MB said...

Love the Kemba clip! I was at that game -- great game, great finish, so exciting!! Go, UConn!

Lisa S said...

Only 24 (?!?) short weeks until we arrive in Old Lyme for vacation! In the meantime, at least we have March madness...

Me, You, or Ellie said...

It's a series?

Love all the photos, trajectory is for chumps.

Our respective Ocean Beaches are so lovely. Bet yours isn't under a Tsunami advisory at the moment!

xoxo love you sister!


Pat said...

Tt is time I chimed in about the great weather in San Diego...I don't care what other people think anything less than 70 degrees is NOT warm and that is the temp in San Diego 90=95% of the time, especially last year. (I monitor it every day because it is inevitable that I will live there someday.)
If you want GREAT weather, live in Florida in the winter--and our white sandy gulf beaches are among the best in the world--and the Northeast US in the summer.