Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday moaning: but not too loudly

Well it's Monday morning and it feels really early doesn't it? Yeah, yeah, I know everyone is always thrilled when we "spring forward" in March, and I include myself in this group, but still, the first few mornings are rough, aren't they?

I feel as though I've been running all morning to stay on schedule, but I've still failed miserably. And yesterday morning? There was just no way I was going to make it to the 8 am yoga class. I did made the 10 am, but barely.

Speaking of yesterday during husband spent that hour going out to buy beers and an appetizer for a pool party we were going to in the afternoon.

Here's what I walked into upon my return:

Nice app, honey!

Not only is it not an appetizer, it is the opposite of an appetizer. Cupcakes are consumed after the meal, not before. Of course it was fine. No one cared a wit, and I gotta hand it to hubby, those sunshines that adorn the cupcakes? They are rings, every last one of them -- very festive indeed.

Last but not least, remember that pesky tooth of mine? The one that caused so much trouble and expense? Well it is supposedly all fixed up, the temporary cap was replaced by a permenant zirconia jobber first thing Thursday morning. So I ask you, why oh why does it still hurt all the time?!

I know, I should call the office, right now, and see what the problem is, but I just can't face that place again right now. I was a good sport through the ordeal, if I do say so myself. But one more appointment? I don't think so.

I've set a deadline of 1 week. If it still throbs and requires I down obscene amounts of ibuprofen every day, then I'll make the call. Until Thursday? It's denial and drugs.


Pat said...

poor baby...four more days and it will be Friday!
Love, Mom

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Denial and drugs and sunshine rings! Because those have *got* to make you feel better. I really wish I had of those. But not the cupcake surrounding it. I'm firmly a (real) appetizer girl, not a cupcake girl.

Good luck with that tooth Beth. Pain in the head region is worse than any pain on Earth. Don't you have narcotics or something?


Logical Libby said...

Those look like the perfect start to a meal to me...

dreads tooth pain in PA said...

Don't wait until Thursday...remember my comment on your original post (if not, go back and re-read)
You may be one of the few who have an infection and you MUST get on antibiotics or Friday could find you in the fetal position (and I don't mean that as a yoga pose)
Plus, they might give you a nice injection to make it through the pain...which is better than ibuprofen.
Sending you good vibes...