Tuesday, April 30, 2013

hidden talent

My girl was in a talent show last week, and it was amazingly transformative and special. It was a two hour ordeal show, and each act was slated to be two minutes long. I had lots of me time in that cesspool auditorium full of children and their parents. It was stinky and chaotic and l-l-l-l-loud, yet I couldn't think of any place I'd rather be from 5-7 on a Friday evening, especially because it was 75 and sunny outside.

I've already posted the video of my girl's showstealing number on facebook, the upload was easy to do because I recorded her act on my phone. I do have a great camera that takes great video. I know this because it's the exact same camera that Ellie has, and I've seen her great videos. I've never seen my own videos though, because I can't quite figure out how to operate that particular option on the camera.

I have tried.

In Colonial Williamsburg, I turned the little dial and got myself set up and made a great movie of the fife and drum procession. It was heartwarming, patriotic, and merry through the viewfinder, a regular american treasure. But when I went to watch the movie, I was chagrined to find that it was just a photo. Just an instant in time, nuthin.

So I thought I'd use the time I had available before my girl's big moment to figure out the video portion of my camera. I'm a smart person. I have degrees. I fix things. I'm a figurer outer.

But alas. My trial runs revealed little more than a hundred still photos of my knees.  I was thankful that I had my phone at the ready, and grabbed a great video. Here are my knees.

Earlier today I popped my camera's memory card into the reader on my computer to look for a particular photo, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but this!

My knees!  They're animated! It's a movie! It's a miracle!

Now this is the photo I was looking for when I opened up the memory card. I was intending to write about how funny it is when one goes to the beach on what appears to be a hot, sunny day but ends up having to shove one's legs into the arms of one's dutch tavern hoodies to keep warm


And apparently, this was the first photo I'd taken since fiddling with the video command on the camera, because look! (but don't listen, unless you're a fan of shrill)

I can't wait to get home and find the fife and drum march. 


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Yay for you! Such hidden talent!

I *love* "having to shove one's legs into the arms of one's dutch tavern hoodies to keep warm." Well, I mean I'm sorry Mr. Can got cold, but I'm glad he had the accouterment to keep warm.

I cannot wait for the fife and drum march either.



p.s. Who do *you* think you're talking to?

Beth said...

Who DO you think you're taking too? Ha!

Love, love, love the animated knees. Brilliant.

And yay for your for figuing out the blasted video function.

But shit, I missed the post of your girl on FB stealing the show. I must go find it right now...


Pay said...

It was a fun beach day even in my parka and jeans.
Technology is ....
Love, Pat