Thursday, November 14, 2013

Luncheon With La La Lady

We heard a rumor Colleen and her man were coming to town -- to Mom's town -- so we set out to find her.

Mom blazed the trail.

"I think they're that-a-way."

It was a beautiful fall morning, our darlin' girl was coming to town, we were full of love and hope. And good cheer.

Obligatory through-the-shoulders artsy shot of the railroad bridge.

Obligatory New England church photo.

Around this time we realized that although we saw the train pull in, the train from New York stops way further east on the tracks, blocks away on the other side of the weirdly-split platform.

"Let me go have a look-see."

 Wait! There they are!


No? Okay, let's zoom in:

Aw. My sobrinita espectacular.

It's nice to have a paparazzo in the family.

Mom's turn.


Love Fest 2013.

Nice to meet you, Brento.

Aw, Uncle Bill.

Don't we look like a fierce gang?

Yeah, not so much.

If you think my greeting with Colleen's was touching, get a load of her reunion with her friend Virginia:

Yes, Virginia leapt into the air.

Together at last.

Mom made us a lovely luncheon . . .

. . . and then we took 10,000 photos in the kitchen.

We haven't seen our darlin' girl in a-year-and-a-half, since way back when when she was still in college . . .

. . . when we had that awesome and magical evening with The Carrboro Girls . . .

. . . and we don't quite know when we'll get to see her again.

But we did get to see her -- and her peeps -- on Sunday, and it was just perfect.

Good bye kids. Don't forget your marching orders: Get out there and conquer the world.


MB said...

Love! Great photos of all y'all, and Southport in the fall. I miss you people! xo

mom said...

Love it El, everyone looks go great and I love the lighting in my dining room! mom

Beth said...

LOVE this, Ellie! Wow, what an afternoon, and so, so brave of ol' Brento. He looks a little more comfortable in the kitchen, after some wine, I'm thinkin'.

You all do look so spectacular! And I had to look at the enlarged photos of the ebullient greetings. There is a lot of love out there for La La Lady!!


Beth said...

and re-look, and re-look at them ;)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I asked Clara for her thoughts after we just perused these lovely love filled photos. She sayeth: "Hi."


Such a treat to visit with y'all! Love you from the bottom of my tootsiest toes.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

Clara would also like to report that "sayeth" is not a real word.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Tell Ms. Boogsie that Aunt Ellie sayeth of *course* it is. Look it up.

xoxox A.E.